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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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Used In
Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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as in: divined from tea leaves Define
to predict or discover something supernaturally (as if by magic)
  • Perfect deliberation, divination, and desperation

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  • She claims she can divine the future with a crystal ball.
  • She claims she can divine the location of underground water.

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unspecified meaning
  • "Only failed Divination and History of Magic, and who cares about them?" he said happily to Harry.
  • The knowledge made him even less eager to find himself in her company, thankfully, this year he would be dropping Divination.

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  • Professor McGonagall turned next to Parvati Patil, whose first question was whether Firenze, the handsome centaur, was still teaching Divination.
  • Parvati set off for Divination five minutes later looking slightly crestfallen.
  • Harry was surprised to see the Divination teacher, Professor Trelawney, sitting on Hagrid’s other side; she rarely left her tower room, and he had never seen her at the start-of-term feast before.
  • It was all right: He had always known that he would fail Divination, and he had had no chance of passing History of Magic, given that he had collapsed halfway through the examination, but he had passed everything else!
  • "He and Professor Trelawney are dividing classes between them this year," said Professor McGonagall, a hint of disapproval in her voice; it was common knowledge that she despised the subject of Divination.
  • Of course, I have known for a very long time…… The omens were never good, Harry…. But why have you not returned to Divination?
  • Ordinary Wizarding Level Results Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Exceeds Expectations (E) Acceptable (A) Fail Grades: Poor (P) Dreadful (D) Troll (T) Harry James Potter has achieved: Astronomy A Care of Magical Creatures E Charms E Defense Against the Dark Arts O Divination P Herbology E History of Magic D Potions E Transfiguration E Harry read the parchment through several times, his breathing becoming easier with each reading.
  • He questioned me … I must confess that, at first, I thought he seemed ill-disposed towards Divination … and I remember I was starting to feel a little odd, I had not eaten much that day … but then …’ And now Harry was paying attention properly for the first time, for he knew what had happened then: Professor Trelawney had made the prophecy that had altered the course of his whole life, the prophecy about him and Voldemort.

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  • "No," said Dumbledore, "Divination is turning out to be much more trouble than I could have foreseen, never having studied the subject myself.

  • There are no more uses of "divine" in the book.

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as in: to forgive is divine Define
wonderful; or god-like or coming from God
as in: divined from tea leaves Define
to predict or discover something supernaturally (as if by magic)
as in: divined through intuition Define
to discover something -- usually through intuition or reflection
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