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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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unspecified meaning
  • Nobody seemed too bothered with a precise date.
  • ’I didn’t do anything to him, it wasn’t me, it was — But at that precise moment a screech owl swooped in through the kitchen window.

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  • Then we are in agreement that Harrys use of the Patronus Charm in these circumstances falls precisely into the category of exceptional circumstances the clause describes?
  • At that precise moment the door of their compartment slid open.
  • ’I could sneak upstairs and get a pair —’ But at that precise moment there was an explosion of sound from downstairs that rendered Extendable Ears quite unnecessary.
  • Precisely what I was going to ask,’ said Umbridge, pointing at the broken shards of china on the floor that had been Hermione’s mug.
  • But at that precise moment, there was a creaking sound behind them as the Fat Lady swung forwards and Ron came clambering through the portrait hole.
  • ’You know,’ said Phineas Nigellus, even more loudly than Harry ’this is precisely why I loathed being a teacher!
  • His Strengthening Solution was not precisely the clear turquoise shade of Hermione’s but it was at least blue rather than pink, like Neville’s, and he delivered a flask of it to Snape’s desk at the end of the lesson with a feeling of mingled defiance and relief.
  • He nodded; here was a ready-made excuse not to talk to any of the others, which was precisely what he wanted, so when she opened the front door he hurried straight past the troll’s-leg umbrella stand, up the stairs and into his and Ron’s bedroom.

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  • Professors Marchbanks and Tofty strolled among them, watching as they entered the precise positions of the stars and planets they were observing.
  • At this precise moment Grawp caught sight of them, the only two humans in a sea of centaurs.
  • The ingredients had to be added to the cauldron in precisely the right order and quantities; the mixture had to be stirred exactly the right number of times, firstly in clockwise, then in anti-clockwise directions; the heat of the flames on which it was simmering had to be lowered to exactly the right level for a specific number of minutes before the final ingredient was added.

  • There are no more uses of "precise" in the book.

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as in: about noon; 12:03 to be precise Define
exact (accurate)
as in: a precise personality Define
meticulous (careful about details)
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