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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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unspecified meaning
  • The wealthy owner continued to pay Frank to do the gardening, however.
  • However, I do not deny that her information was invaluable.

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  • However…why not? I will face you…Wormtail, come turn my chair around.
  • Their worst fear was that someone would find out that they were connected (however distantly) with people like Mrs. Weasley.
  • Uncle Vernon, however, moved forward.
  • However, they seemed too scared to actually say anything.
  • Mr. Weasley, however, seemed genuinely concerned at Dudley’s peculiar behavior.
  • At that moment, however, a horrible gagging sound erupted behind him, and Aunt Petunia started to scream.
  • However, Bill was — there was no other word for it — cool.
  • Harry could tell that, however angry he was with Fred and George, he hadn’t really intended to tell Mrs. Weasley what had happened.

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  • However, discussing him in front of Ginny was a bad idea.
  • They had only been at it for a couple of minutes, however, when a shout rent the still air.
  • However, here and there was a tent so obviously magical that Harry could hardly be surprised that Mr. Roberts was getting suspicious.
  • There was plenty to watch while they waited, however.
  • It wasn’t Dobby — it was, however, unmistakably a house-elf, as Harry’s friend Dobby had been.
  • However, under the gaze of the Minister of Magic, Mr. Malfoy didn’t dare say anything.
  • Lynch, however, hit the ground with a dull thud that could be heard throughout the stadium.
  • I ask you, however, to allow me to deal with her.
  • However, our own departments of International Magical Cooperation and Magical Games and Sports have decided the time is ripe for another attempt.
  • Their Sickles had been wasted, however; if anything, they seemed to have made Hermione more vociferous.
  • George, however, leaned in toward Hermione.
  • However, at the bottom of the report there were a few well-chosen comments from the school nurse that not even Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia could explain away.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew otherwise, however; they had come face-to-face with Wormtail only the previous year, though only Professor Dumbledore had believed their story.
  • (Harry hadn’t touched these; he had had too much experience of Hagrid’s cooking.) Mrs. Weasley, however, had sent the family owl, Errol, with an enormous fruitcake and assorted meat pies.
  • Mostafa was not impressed by the Bulgarians’ arguments, however; he was jabbing his finger into the air, clearly telling them to get flying again, and when they refused, he gave two short blasts on his whistle.
  • It wasn’t as bad as he had expected, however; his dress robes didn’t have any lace on them at all in fact, they were more or less the same as his school ones, except that they were bottle green instead of black.
  • Every version of the tale, however, started in the same place: Fifty years before, at daybreak on a fine summer’s morning when the Riddle House had still been well kept and impressive, a maid had entered the drawing room to find all three Riddles dead.
  • However" — Percy heaved an impressive sigh and took a deep swig of elderflower wine " we’ve got quite enough on our plates at the Department of International Magical Cooperation without trying to find members of other departments too.
  • The girl who looked like a veela appeared to have eaten enough, however, and did not come over to get it.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione, however, were not alone in rising much earlier than they usually did on weekends.
  • Mr. Crouch, however, looked quite uninterested, almost bored.
  • Fleur Delacour, however, tossed her hair, smiling, and said, "Oh, vairy funny joke, Meester Bagman."
  • When he spoke, however, it was in his usual curt voice.
  • It seems to me, however, that we have no choice but to accept it.
  • Snape looked furious; Karkaroff livid; Bagman, however, looked rather excited.
  • Unlike the Gryffindors, however, they did not seem impressed.
  • Hagrid’s real intention, however, was totalk to Harry away from the rest of the class.
  • He got the gist, however.
  • However, he really hoped that Mr. Ollivander wasn’t about to tell the room about it.
  • Eventually, however, he made a fountain of wine shoot out of it, and handed it back to Harry, announcing that it was still in perfect condition.
  • However, someone seems to be having a good try.
  • Moody, however, paused, his magical eye on the corner where Harry was standing.
  • So far, however, all they had managed to do was get the badges stuck on POTTER STINKS.
  • Now, however, the office was full of a number of exceptionally odd objects that Harry supposed Moody had used in the days when he had been an Auror.
  • It returned in full measure, however, on the following morning.
  • Hermione, however, leaned against the Owlery wall, folded her arms, and frowned at Ron.
  • Hermione, however, said, "Good for you, Dobby!"
  • Winky, however, remained where she was, though there was a definite increase in the volume other crying.
  • It seemed to be fact, however, that he had booked the Weird Sisters.
  • However, Hermione merely frowned and said, "I’m not telling you, you’ll just make fun of me."
  • Ron, however, walked right past Hermione without looking at her.
  • Dumbledore, however, looked carefully down at his own menu, then said very clearly to his plate, "Pork chops!"
  • He was so dwarfed by her that the top of his pointed hat barely tickled her chin; however, she moved very gracefully for a woman so large.
  • "No respect…" Ludo Bagman shook off Fred and George fairly quickly, however, and, spotting Harry, waved and came over to their table.
  • I, however, am remaining at Hogwarts.
  • Now, however, he could tell that most wizards would not have said "So what?" upon finding out that one of their friends had a giantess for a mother.
  • Mad-Eye Moody, however, looks responsible and kindly when set beside the part-human Dumbledore employs to teach Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Hagrid has no intention of ceasing his campaign of intimidation, however.
  • Hagrid, however, considers himself to be above such petty restrictions.
  • If his antics during Care of Magical Creatures lessons are any guide, however, Frid-wulfa’s son appears to have inherited her brutal nature.
  • The Beauxbatons party appeared quite unembarrassed, however, and did not resume their seats until Madame Maxime had sat down on Dumbledore’s left-hand side.
  • He was wrong, however.
  • When they arrived at Hagrid ’s cabin, however, they found an elderly witch with closely cropped gray hair and a very prominent chin standing before his front door.
  • Now, however, he was wearing the strangest assortment of garments Harry had ever seen; he had done an even worse job of dressing himself than the wizards at the World Cup.
  • "I forgot — it was the custard creams we hexed —" Within a minute, however, Neville had molted, and once his feathers had fallen off, he reappeared looking entirely normal.
  • However, he and Hermione worked out where most of the poles and pegs should go, and though Mr. Weasley was more of a hindrance than a help, because he got thoroughly overexcited when it came to using the mallet, they finally managed to erect a pair of shabby two-man tents.
  • However, the moonlit corridors were empty and silent, and by checking the map at strategic intervals, Harry was able to ensure that he wouldn’t run into anyone he wanted to avoid.
  • However, while every one of Dobby’s strange collection of garments was so clean and well cared for that it looked brand-new, Winky was plainly not taking care other clothes at all.
  • Last year, however, Hagrid used his mysterious influence over the headmaster to secure the additional post of Care of Magical Creatures teacher, over the heads of many better-qualified candidates.
  • Most of the class — Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle in the lead — had fled into Hagrid’s cabin through the back door and barricaded themselves in; Harry, Ron, and Hermione, however, were among those who remained outside trying to help Hagrid.
  • However, they enjoyed themselves trying to make Hagrid tell them what the tasks in the tournament were going to be, speculating which of the entrants were likely to be selected as champions, and wondering whether Fred and George were beardless yet.
  • "Hmm," said Mr. Olhivander, "this is a Gregorovitch creation, unless I’m much mistaken? A fine wand-maker, though the styling is never quite what I…. however…. " He lifted the wand and examined it minutely, turning it over and over before his eyes.
  • However …. Mr. Potter’s score is forty-five points.
  • However, it might not be Miss Granger’s doubtful natural charms that have captured these unfortunate boys’ interest.
  • Harry, however, was looking at the black dog, which had just turned into his godfather.
  • Harry, however, continued to stare at Sirius.
  • Sirius, however, looked interested.
  • Ron, however, was frowning at the chocolate Hagrid had given him.
  • Hermiones, however, was smaller than a chicken egg.
  • However, he nodded politely like the other champions.
  • His strange appearance, however, was nothing to the way he was behaving.
  • Ron, however, was looking uncomfortable.
  • Today, however, will be an excellent opportunity to examine the effects of Mars, for he is placed most interestingly at the present time.
  • When Harry reached the bottom of her stepladder, however, he did not set off for the hospital wing.
  • However, he rejoined our side before Lord Voldemort’s downfall and turned spy for us, at great personal risk.
  • This was not, however, a Ludo Bagman gone to seed, but a Ludo Bagman who was clearly at the height of his Quidditch-playing fitness.
  • For another, this was the final hurdle, and however well or badly he did, the tournament would at last be over, which would be an enormous relief.
  • Its head, however, was that of a woman.
  • Voldemort, however, did not seem to expect more.
  • However, when she drew out her wand and pointed it at Barty Crouch, her hand was quite steady.
  • If, however, the owners of the wands force the wands to do battle … a very rare effect will take place.
  • He will need to be discreet, however.
  • Tonight, however, there were black drapes on the wall behind the teachers’ table.
  • Harry, however, stayed put.
  • However, though he, Ron, and Hermione searched through their lunchtimes, evenings, and whole weekends though Harry asked Professor McGonagall for a note of permission to use the Restricted Section, and even asked the irritable, vulture-like librarian.
  • The password had evidently changed, however, for the stone gargoyle did not spring to life and jump aside, but stood frozen, glaring at Harry malevolently.
  • He was in a fairly small classroom; most of the desks had been pushed away to the back of the room, leaving a large space in the middle; three of them, however, had been placed end-to-end in front of the blackboard and covered with a long length of velvet.
  • This year, however, it was the third and final task in the Triwizard Tournament for which he needed to prepare, but he still didn’t know what he would have to do.
  • Before long, however, all the Gryffindors had learned to treat food anybody else offered them with extreme caution, in case it had a Canary Cream concealed in the center, and George confided to Harry that he and Fred were now working on developing something else.
  • When Harry told of Wormtail piercing his arm with the dagger, however, Sirius let out a vehement exclamation and Dumbledore stood up so quickly that Harry started.
  • He let Harry keep a watch for the carriages, however, and spent the next few minutes craning his neck over the crowd to try and see what Krum and Hermione might be up to.
  • The Daily Prophet, however, has unearthed worrying facts about Harry Potter that Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, has carefully concealed from the wizarding public.
  • This year, however, everyone in the fourth year and above seemed to be staying, and they all seemed to Harry to be obsessed with the coming ball — or at least all the girls were, and it was amazing how many girls Hogwarts suddenly seemed to hold; he had never quite noticed that before.
  • The prospect of going down into the Great Hall and facing the rest of the Gryffindors, all treating him like some sort of hero, was not inviting; it was that, however, or stay here and allow himself to be cornered by the Creevey brothers, who were both beckoning frantically to him to join them.
  • One week later, however, Ron was telling a thrilling tale of kidnap in which he struggled single-handedly against fifty heavily armed merpeople who had to beat him into submission before tying him up.
  • However, the Merchieftainess informs us that Mr. Potter was first to reach the hostages, and that the delay in his return was due to his determination to return all hostages to safety, not merely his own.
  • It is my belief, however, that the truth is generally preferable to lies, and that any attempt to pretend that Cedric died as the result of an accident, or some sort of blunder of his own, is an insult to his memory.
  • Hermione, however, did not ask Harry and Ron to help her pursue vengeance against Rita Skeeter, for which they were both grateful, because their workload was mounting ever higher in the days before the Easter holidays.
  • It was true that going down to Hagrid’s at midnight would mean cutting his meeting with Sirius very fine indeed; Hermione suggested sending Hedwig down to Hagrid’s to tell him he couldn’t go — always assuming she would consent to take the note, of course — Harry, however, thought it better just to be quick at whatever Hagrid wanted him for.
  • However, he was the able-bodied servant I needed, and, poor wizard though he is, Wormtail was able to follow the instructions I gave him, which would return me to a rudimentary, weak body of my own, a body I would be able to inhabit while awaiting the essential ingredients for true rebirth … a spell or two of my own invention … a little help from my dear Nagini," Voldemorts red eyes fell upon the continually circling snake, "a potion concocted from unicorn blood, and the snake venom…
  • I find it makes for rather temperamental wands…however, to each his own, and if this suits you…" Mr. Ollivander ran his fingers along the wand, apparently checking for scratches or bumps; then he muttered, "Orchideous!" and a bunch of flowers burst from the wand tip.

  • There are no more uses of "however" in the book.

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despite that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include in spite of that, nevertheless, nonetheless, and on the other hand.)
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in whatever way
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