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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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unspecified meaning
  • I might remind you that your pincushion, Thomas, still curls up in fright if anyone approaches it with a pin!
  • They said good-bye to the Diggorys and approached the cottage door.

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  • Unless I am very much mistaken, the delegation from Beauxbatons approaches!
  • Uncle Vernon was pretending to read the paper, but his tiny eyes were not moving, and Harry was sure he was really listening with all his might for the sound of an approaching car.
  • "Password?" she said as they approached.
  • Harry asked as they approached the Fat Lady.
  • Slowly, with his face screwed up, as though he would rather have done anything than approach his master and the hearth rug where the snake lay, the small man walked forward and began to turn the chair.
  • Girls to the front, and approach with care, come on, easy does it.
  • Each of them was now approaching six feet in length.
  • The Yule Ball is approaching — a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament and an opportunity for us to socialize with our foreign guests.

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  • They heard urgent voices as they approached the spot where the Portkeys lay, and when they reached it, they found a great number of witches and wizards gathered around Basil, the keeper of the Portkeys, all clamoring to get away from the campsite as quickly as possible.
  • Filch, who had been lurking unnoticed in a far corner of the Hall, now approached Dumbledore carrying a great wooden chest encrusted with jewels.
  • "Like them, Potter?" said Malfoy loudly as Harry approached.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione glaring at her as she approached.
  • The curtains were still drawn, and they could hear Fang barking as they approached.
  • Dumbledore smiled happily as the champions approached the top table, but Karkaroff wore an expression remarkably like Ron’s as he watched Krum and Hermione draw nearer.
  • They both turned back to watch the approaching figure.
  • Pansys pug-like face peered excitedly around Goyle’s broad back as Harry, Ron, and Hermione approached.
  • Hagrid, Professor Moody, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Flitwick came walking into the stadium and approached Bagman and the champions.
  • Harry approached it cautiously, pointing the wand’s beam at it.
  • She turned her long, almond-shaped eyes upon Harry as he approached.
  • Voldemort now approached the man on Wormtail’s right.
  • If the magical community got wind that I had approached the giants — people hate them, Dumbledore — end of my career —
  • It was a bright and sunny day; Fang bounded out of the open door as they approached, barking and wagging his tail madly.
  • CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR — PRIORI INCANTATEM Wormtail approached Harry, who scrambled to find his feet, to support his own weight before the ropes were untied.
  • He therefore approached the final lesson of the afternoon — double Potions — feeling considerably more cheerful than he usually did when descending the steps to the dungeons.
  • She was leading him toward the place where the dragons were, around the edge of the forest, but when they approached the clump of trees behind which the enclosure would be clearly visible, Harry saw that a tent had been erected, its entrance facing them, screening the dragons from view.
  • The map showed the whole of Hogwarts, including its many shortcuts and secret passageways and, most important of all, it revealed the people inside the castle as minuscule, labeled dots, moving around the corridors, so that Harry would be forewarned if somebody was approaching the bathroom.
  • The Death Eaters behind him did the same; each of them approaching Voldemort on his knees and kissing his robes, before backing away and standing up, forming a silent circle, which enclosed Tom Riddle s grave, Harry, Voldemort, and the sobbing and twitching heap that was Wormtail.
  • They can travel by fire — only you’ve blocked the fireplace — hang on —" He approached the fireplace and called through the boards.
  • Gentlemen…. lady," he added, approaching the fireside and addressing the other three.
  • Merchieftainess Murcus has told us exactly what happened at the bottom of the lake, and we have therefore decided to award marks out of fifty for each of the champions, as follows…… "Fleur Delacour, though she demonstrated excellent use of the Bubble-Head Charm, was attacked by grindylows as she approached her goal, and failed to retrieve her hostage.

  • There are no more uses of "approach" in the book.

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as in: approached the city Define
to come near or nearer
as in: use the best approach Define
a way of doing something; or a rout that leads to a particular place
as in: approached her with the proposal Define
to speak with someone about something for the first time -- such as a proposal -- often something discussed in a delicate, tentative way
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