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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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unspecified meaning
  • She didn’t have to wait long to find out; after about a minute, he was back.
  • Well, we’ve made good time — we’ve got ten minutes.

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  • They had only been at it for a couple of minutes, however, when a shout rent the still air.
  • Every bit of it was covered in stamps except for a square inch on the front, into which Mrs. Weasley had squeezed the Dursleys’ address in minute writing.
  • After about twenty minutes, a small stone cottage next to a gate swam into view.
  • Yes, it’s a minute off … We’d better get ready….
  • I had two try and pay me with great gold coins the size of hubcaps ten minutes ago.
  • After fifteen more fast and furious minutes, Ireland had pulled ahead by ten more goals.
  • Within five minutes, he was back in the kitchen, his robes on the right way now, dragging a comb through his hair.
  • "Ouch!" yelled Dean Thomas after about ten minutes.

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  • Within five minutes, she had cleared her plate and departed.
  • For a few minutes, the silence was broken only by Madame Maxime’s huge horses snorting and stamping.
  • And within ten minutes, Ireland had scored twice more, bringing their lead to thirty-zero and causing a thunderous tide of roars and applause from the greenclad supporters.
  • Harry massaged the spot furiously, looking up to see what had hit him, and saw a minute owl, small enough to fit into the palm of his hand, whizzing excitedly around the room like a loose firework.
  • Squinting up at the shamrock, Harry realized that it was actually comprised of thousands of tiny little bearded men with red vests, each carrying a minute lamp of gold or green.
  • They walked through the wood for twenty minutes, talking and joking loudly, until at last they emerged on the other side and found themselves in the shadow of a gigantic stadium.
  • Fred and George had been gone ten minutes or so when the portrait hole opened and Hermione climbed into the common room carrying a sheaf of parchment in one hand and a box whose contents rattled as she walked in the other.
  • I estimate that it requires one more minute.
  • Harry crept past them to the portrait hole and waited for a minute or so, keeping an eye on his watch.
  • Now, just sit quietly for a minute — sit!
  • "You’ll see, you’ll see in a minute!" said Hermione excitedly.
  • Wait a minute, Hermione……
  • Then, after about a minute, he stood up and strode away, not back to the castle, but off out into the dark grounds in the direction of his cabin.
  • He said nothing for almost a minute, still staring at the map.
  • Just forget the egg for a minute, all right?
  • Hagrid sidled into the Hall through a door behind the staff table twenty minutes after the start of the feast.
  • Ten minutes into the first task’s my bet.
  • Ten minutes later, Harry heard the crowd erupt into applause once more…… Fleur must have been successful too.
  • Oh yeah — and they told me to tell you you’ve got to hang around for a few more minutes…… Bagman wants a word, back in the champions’ tent.
  • Parvati sat down on Harry’s other side, crossed her arms and legs too, and within minutes was asked to dance by a boy from Beauxbatons.
  • "Hurry up, now, the bell rang five minutes ago," she barked at them as they struggled toward her through the snow.
  • They hammered on it for ten more minutes; Ron even went and banged on one of the windows, but there was no response.
  • … "Lumos," Harry whispered fifteen minutes later as he opened the library door.
  • The second task starts in ten minutes, and Harry Potter —
  • After a minute or so, Karkaroff seemed to decide that he had hit some sort of animal; he was looking around at waist height, as though expecting to see a dog.
  • And then, after about fifteen minutes, Harry heard the deafening roar that could mean only one thing: Cedric had gotten past his dragon and captured the golden egg.
  • Parvati readjusted her bangles, beaming; she and Harry said, "See you in a minute" to Ron and Padma and walked forward, the chattering crowd parting to let them through.
  • Ten — ten minutes?
  • And for his Fire-bolt, he needed "Hermione," Harry whispered, when he had sped into greenhouse three minutes later, uttering a hurried apology to Professor Sprout as he passed her.
  • Ten minutes?
  • Harry reached the castle, slipped in through the front doors, and began to climb the marble stairs; he was very out of breath, but he didn’t dare slow down…… He had less than five minutes to get up to the fire.
  • Harry thought, as he got quietly into his four-poster ten minutes later, the egg and the cloak now safely back in his trunk, he thought he’d like to check how scarred the rest of them were before he chose it as a career.
  • After a minute or so, Harry heard the clunks of Moody’s wooden leg growing fainter in the corridor below.
  • The maze was growing darker with every passing minute as the sky overhead deepened to navy.
  • After a minute or so, he looked down at Harry again, a cruel smile twisting his snakelike face.
  • The carriages’ll be here in a minute!
  • He swam on for what felt like at least twenty minutes.
  • He began to hack at the ropes binding Ron, and after several minutes’ hard work, they broke apart.
  • Five minutes later he was hurtling toward a stone gargoyle standing halfway along an empty corridor.
  • "Professor?" he said quietly, after a couple of minutes.
  • Hermione had not spoken for ten minutes.
  • We’ve got our History of Magic exam in ten minutes!
  • He had been hurrying along the new path for a few minutes, when he heard something in the path running parallel to his own that made him stop dead.
  • Minutes passed in silence… .
  • It was several minutes before Dumbledore spoke again.
  • Cedric Diggory, who also used the Bubble-Head Charm, was first to return with his hostage, though he returned one minute outside the time limit of an hour.
  • Five minutes later, the stands had begun to fill; the air was full of excited voices and the rumbling of feet as the hundreds of students filed into their seats.
  • The entrance hall contained a few last-minute stragglers, all leaving the Great Hall after breakfast and heading through the double oak doors to watch the second task.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, in five minutes’ time, I will be asking you to make your way down to the Quidditch field for the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament.
  • He let Harry keep a watch for the carriages, however, and spent the next few minutes craning his neck over the crowd to try and see what Krum and Hermione might be up to.
  • Hermione panted five minutes later, catching up with Harry and Ron in the entrance hall and pulling Harrys hand away from one of his wiggling ears so that he could hear her.
  • Harry sped up, skirting the edge of the forest; he had just under fifteen minutes to get back to the fireside and talk to Sirius, and he couldn’t remember, ever, wanting to talk to someone more than he did right now — when, without warning, he ran into something very solid.
  • For several minutes, he sat and watched the old headmasters and headmistresses snoozing in their frames, thinking about what he had just heard, and running his fingers over his scar.
  • Fleetingly, and for the first time since he’d found himself champion, he saw again that image of himself, raising the Triwizard Cup in front of the rest of the school……. He met nothing for ten minutes, but kept running into dead ends.
  • This was supposed to cast a temporary, invisible wall around himself that deflected minor curses; Hermione managed to shatter it with a well-placed Jelly-Legs Jinx, and Harry wobbled around the room for ten minutes afterward before she had looked up the counterjinx.
  • Keen to hear what Karkaroff wanted to say, Harry deliberately knocked over his bottle of armadillo bile with two minutes to go to the bell, which gave him an excuse to duck down behind his cauldron and mop up while the rest of the class moved noisily toward the door.
  • Don’t talk to me," Ron said quietly to Harry and Hermione as they sat down at the Gryffindor table a few minutes later, surrounded by excited talk on all sides about what had just happened.
  • There’s something funny, though," said Hermione ten minutes later, holding her pestle suspended over a bowl of scarab beetles.
  • Sirius looked at him, eyes full of concern, eyes that had not yet lost the look that Azkaban had given them — that deadened, haunted look He had let Harry talk himself into silence without interruption, but now he said, "Dragons we can deal with, Harry, but we’ll get to that in a minute — I haven’t got long here…. I’ve broken into a wizarding house to use the fire, but they could be back at any time.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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a written record of what happened at a meeting
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