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Harry Potter (#3) and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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Harry Potter (#3) and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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unspecified meaning
  • Ten minutes later, Errol and Hedwig (who had a note to Ron bound to her leg) soared out of the window and out of sight.
  • But after ten minutes alone in the dark street, a new emotion overtook him: panic.

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  • One minute you were right behind us, the next moment, you were back at the bottom of the stairs again.
  • Arrived about five minutes after you did.
  • It took them nearly ten minutes to catch Scabbers, who had taken refuge under a wastepaper bin outside Quality Quidditch Supplies.
  • However, Hagrid strolled off around the edge of the trees, and five minutes later, they found themselves outside a kind of paddock.
  • Harry emerged from Flourish and Blotts ten minutes later with his new books under his arms and made his way back to the Leaky Cauldron, hardly noticing where he was going and bumping into several people.
  • His little Ink self appeared to be tapping the witch with his minute wand.
  • This time it was a minute before Harry understood why he was lying on a dusty classroom floor.
  • Lights out in ten minutes!

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  • Last time we played them, Harry caught the Snitch in about five minutes, remember?
  • This lesson began ten minutes ago, Potter, so I think we’ll make it ten points from Gryffindor.
  • Ron caught up with them five minutes later, in a towering rage.
  • Within five minutes Harry was soaked to his skin and frozen, hardly able to see his teammates, let alone the tiny Snitch.
  • After ten minutes or so, Madam Pomfrey came over to tell the team to leave him in peace.
  • Ten minutes later, he came to the foot of some worn stone steps, which rose out of sight above him.
  • Ron came back five minutes later, carrying three foaming tankards of hot butterbeer.
  • Harry, feeling hot from their climb, was just considering taking off the cloak for a few minutes when they heard voices nearby.
  • Harry was more than willing; the wind was fierce and his hands were freezing, so they crossed the road, and in a few minutes were entering the tiny inn.
  • They reached King’s Cross with twenty minutes to spare; the Ministry drivers found them trolleys, unloaded their trunks, touched their hats in salute to Mr. Weasley, and drove away, somehow managing to jump to the head of an unmoving line at the traffic lights.
  • Harry let the Snitch go again, gave it a minute’s head start, then tore after it, weaving in and out of the others; he spotted it lurking near Katie Bell’s knee, looped her easily, and caught it again.
  • It was dark and empty when he arrived, but he lit the lamps with his wand and had waited only five minutes when Professor Lupin turned up, carrying a large packing case, which he heaved onto Professor Binn’s desk.
  • Harry went back into the corridor with Madam Pomfrey, who left for the hospital wing, muttering to herself He had to wait only a few minutes; then Hermione emerged looking very happy about something, followed by Professor McGonagall, and the three of them made their way back down the marble staircase to the Great Hall.
  • CHAPTER NINE GRIM DEFEAT Professor Dumbledore sent all the Gryffindors back to the Great Hall, where they were joined ten minutes later by the students from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, who all looked extremely confused.
  • It couldn’t be the Grim — not now — not right before the match He peered out at the grounds again and, after a minute’s frantic searching, spotted it.
  • After about a minute inside it, she burst out again, screaming.
  • He was a minute in answering, and when he did, he looked all around for his visitor, pale-faced and trembling.
  • "Fudge’ll be out here in a minute —"
  • The minute owl was still hooting excitedly.
  • Hermione joined them at the foot of the ladder to Professor Trelawneys classroom twenty minutes later, looking extremely harrassed.
  • It took a few minutes for the class to settle down again.
  • Finally, after about twenty minutes, Ron’s large feet reappeared on the ladder.
  • Twenty minutes later, you left Hagrid, and set off back toward the castle.
  • "Snape?" said Black harshly, taking his eyes off Scabbers; for the first time in minutes and looking up at Lupin.
  • It is —" he consulted his watch, "five minutes to midnight.
  • "I’m going to find Scabbers in a moment —" Sure enough, a few minutes later, they heard Hermione’s shriek of surprise.
  • For a few minutes the scene was deserted.
  • Barely two minutes later, the castle doors flew open yet again, and Snape came charging out of them, running toward the Willow.
  • We’ve got about forty-five minutes until Dumbledore locks the door to the hospital wing.
  • "We’ve got exactly ten minutes to get back down to the hospital wing without anybody seeing us — before Dumbledore locks the door —"
  • it is five minutes to midnight.
  • This door has been locked since I left the ward ten minutes ago.
  • Five minutes later he was dashing past the security trolls outside the entrance to Gryffindor Tower, Professor Trelawney’s words still resounding in his head.
  • Three minutes, Harry!
  • After ten minutes or so, during which the Firebolt was Passed around and admired from every angle, the crowd dispersed and Harry and Ron had a clear view of Hermione, the only person who hadn’t rushed over to them, bent over her work and carefully avoiding their eyes.
  • One minute!
  • They walked up the marble staircase together; Hermione left them on the first floor and Harry and Ron proceeded all the way up to the seventh, where many of their class were sitting on the spiral staircase to Professor Trelawney’s classroom, trying to cram in a bit of last-minute studying.
  • The third time this happened, Wood talked for so long that Harry suddenly realized he was ten minutes late for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and set off at a run with Wood shouting after him, "Diggory’s got a very fast swerve, Harry, so you might want to try looping him —" Harry skidded to a halt outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, pulled the door open, and dashed inside.
  • We’ll be at Hogwarts in ten minutes," said Professor Lupin.
  • Divination, but it’s not for another twenty minutes," said Harry.
  • Dumbledore the Minister — they’ll be coming back out in a minute —" But before they could cover themselves again, before they could even catch their breath, they heard the soft pounding of gigantic paws….

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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