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Harry Potter (#2) and the Chamber of Secrets
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Harry Potter (#2) and the Chamber of Secrets
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  • They, however, didn’t seem to be missing him at all.
  • Harry, however, was completely lost.

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  • Several uneventful hours later, however, Harry had to admit that some of the fun was wearing off.
  • What Harry found most unusual about life at Ron’s, however, wasn’t the talking mirror or the clanking ghoul: It was the fact that everybody there seemed to like him.
  • The car, however, had reached the end of its tether.
  • GILDEROY LOCKHART The next day, however, Harry barely grinned once.
  • It is also, however, dangerous.
  • Harry, however, was shaken awake several hours earlier than he would have liked by Oliver Wood, Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
  • Gilderoy Lockhart, however, was immaculate in sweeping robes of turquoise, his golden hair shining under a perfectly positioned turquoise hat with gold trimming.
  • However, they will knock you out for several hours, and as I’m sure none of you want to miss your first day back, make sure your earmuffs are securely in place while you work.

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  • Nothing seemed to give Colin a bigger thrill than to say, "All right, Harry?" six or seven times a day and hear, "Hello, Colin," back, however exasperated Harry sounded when he said it.
  • "It’s ’wattlebird," ’ said Hermione impatiently, "but that’s not the point " Her words were cut short, however, as the portrait of the fat lady swung open and there was a sudden storm of clapping.
  • "If I thought you’d read my private — not that it’s mine — for a friend — be that as it may — however —"
  • "Very well — go — and don’t breathe a word — not that — however, if you didn’t read — go now, I have to write up Peeves’ report — go —"
  • They had barely turned around, however, when a little man swooped suddenly from under the table and came to a halt in midair before them.
  • However, the legend of which you speak is such a very sensational, even ludicrous tale —
  • If I had wanted to stop you it would have been only too easy — however, I felt it would be instructive to let them see ….
  • Fred and George, however, found all this very funny.
  • As they hurried nearer, however, their hearts sank.
  • "The Wailing Widow came all the way up from Kent…… It’s nearly time for my speech, I’d better go and warn the orchestra…… " The orchestra, however, stopped playing at that very moment.
  • However
  • Harry, however, pocketed it.
  • However, they did find Riddle’s name on an old Medal for Magical Merit, and on a list of old Head Boys.
  • Not just any dwarfs, however.
  • The dwarf, however, cut his way through the crowd by kicking people’s shins, and reached him before he’d gone two paces.
  • The diary, however, was as clean as it had been before the ink bottle had smashed all over it.
  • Hermione, however, clapped a hand to her forehead.
  • One person, however, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of terror and suspicion.
  • Harry, however, didn’t feel very sleepy.
  • Ron, however, was looking happier than he’d looked in days.
  • Harry, however, pointed at the word Hermione had scribbled at the foot of the page.
  • Harry, however, was looking past them.
  • He had just reached for the handle, however, when the door burst open so violently that it bounced back off the wall.
  • Harry, however, was watching Dobby.
  • Before Dumbledore could speak another word, however, the door of the office flew open with an almighty bang and Hagrid burst in, a wild look in his eyes, his balaclava perched on top of his shaggy black head and the dead rooster still swinging from his hand.
  • Oliver Wood’s enthusiasm for regular training sessions, however, was not dampened, which was why Harry was to be found, late one stormy Saturday afternoon a few days before Halloween, returning to Gryffindor Tower, drenched to the skin and splattered with mud… Even aside from the rain and wind it hadn’t been a happy practice session.
  • However, the training sessions were getting better, or at least drier, and the evening before Saturday’s match he went up to his dormitory to drop off his broomstick feeling Gryffindor’s chances for the Quidditch cup had never been better.
  • By next morning, however, the snow that had begun in the night had turned into a blizzard so thick that the last Herbology lesson of the term was canceled: Professor Sprout wanted to fit socks and scarves on the Mandrakes, a tricky operation she would entrust to no one else, now that it was so important for the Mandrakes to grow quickly and revive Mrs. Norris and Colin Creevey.
  • Hermione, however, said in a voice somewhat higher than usual, "I think you’re being a bit unfair.
  • However, while Hermione was checking that the coast was clear for them to leave the bathroom, Ron muttered to Harry, "It’ll be a lot less hassle if you can just knock Malfoy off his broom tomorrow.
  • "However," said Dumbledore, speaking very slowly and clearly so that none of them could miss a word, "you will find that I will

  • There are no more uses of "however" in the book.

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despite that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include in spite of that, nevertheless, nonetheless, and on the other hand.)
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to whatever degree (regardless of how much)
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in whatever way
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