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The House of Mirth
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The House of Mirth
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  • And she had a shamed recollection of the way in which, a few hours since, she had felt the centripetal force of their standards.  (not reviewed by editor)

Samples from Other Sources
  • centripetal force

  • Her centripetal personality holds the group together.

  • The seat must supply the centripetal force, pushing upwards on the rider with a force greater than gravity`s downward pull.
    Annenberg Learner  --  Amusement Park Physics

  • Thus we can expect our language to obey two seemingly contradictory influences, both centrifugal and centripetal, its universe both expanding and contracting.
    Robert MacNeil and William Crane  --  Do You Speak American?

  • It is at once a buoyancy and a steadying, allowing for the simultaneous gratification of whatever is centrifugal and whatever is centripetal in mind and body.
    Seamus Heaney  --  Crediting Poetry
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