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Harry Potter (#7) and the Deathly Hallows
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Harry Potter (#7) and the Deathly Hallows
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  • The huge snake emerged to climb slowly up Voldemort’s chair.
  • Dumbledore’s legion of admirers, meanwhile, may well be trembling at what is soon to emerge about their hero.
  • "Nicely done, Hermione," said Ron, emerging behind a bin beside the theater door as Harry took off the Invisibility Cloak.
  • Harry shouted back, as two more Death Eaters emerged out of the darkness, drawing closer.
  • He reached up, pulled the chain, and next moment had zoomed down a short chute, emerging out of a fireplace into the Ministry of Magic.
  • A log fell in the fire: Flames reared, their light darting across a terrified, pointed white face — with a sense of emerging from deep water, Harry drew heaving breaths and opened his eyes.
  • Halfway along the next corridor he emerged into a wide, open space where a dozen witches and wizards sat in rows at small desks not unlike school desks, though much more highly polished and free from graffiti.
  • Ron panted, emerging from beneath the Invisibility Cloak and throwing it to Harry.
  • The tent emerged in a lumpy mass of canvas, ropes, and poles.
  • Curiously, it had not taken heat from his body, but lay so cold against his skin it might just have emerged from icy water.
  • If they emerged into the Atrium with a silver stag, and otter soaring alongside it, and twenty or so people, half of them accused Muggle-borns, he could not help feeling that they would attract unwanted attention.
  • Sense was emerging miraculously from confusion, and now he understood why she was telling him what she had denied Dumbledore and Flitwick.
  • The blistered goblin emerged by degrees, howling.
  • He kicked toward the surface and emerged, panting, to see enormous ripples emanating in circles from the places where Ron and Hermione had fallen.
  • As Harry emerged into the room behind the passage, there were several screams and yells: "HARRY!"
  • A group of four people emerged from the mist, standing alongside the very last carriage.
  • The other inhabitants of Shell Cottage could hardly fail to notice that something was going on now that Harry, Ron and Hermione only emerged for mealtimes.
  • Instead, the family emerged onto platform nine and three-quarters, which was obscured by thick white steam that was pouring from the scarlet Hogwarts Express.
  • As Ron and Hermione emerged, spluttering and gasping, from the depths of the lake, the dragon flew on, its wings beating hard, and landed at last on a distant bank.
  • Two figures emerged from behind a nearby tree: Their wands flared, and Harry saw Yaxley and Dolohov peering into the darkness, directly at the place Harry, his mother and father and Sirius and Lupin stood.
  • Harry directed a Stunning Spell toward the masked Death Eater; it missed but nearly hit Neville, who had emerged from nowhere brandishing armfuls of Venomous Tentacula, which looped itself happily around the nearest Death Eater and began reeling him in.
  • Then the Hufflepuffs stood, and almost at the same moment, the Ravenclaws, all of them with their backs to Harry, all of them looking toward Pansy instead, and Harry, awestruck and overwhelmed, saw wands emerging everywhere, pulled from beneath cloaks and from under sleeves.
  • "Yeah," said Ron, emerging from under the cloak holding the wizard’s bag, "but I still think a whole pile of unconscious bodies would have drawn more attention.

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  • China recently emerged as a world power.
  • The idea emerged at a Student Council meeting.

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