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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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  • Keeping his face as immobile and his voice as indifferent as he could, he asked, "How come?"
  • "Draco should be proud," said Bellatrix indifferently.
  • "The usual," said Ron indifferently, demonstrating a rude hand gesture.
  • "Well, I assume so, as Longbottom was there," said Zabini indifferently.
  • "Ah, that was Morfin," said the old man indifferently.
  • "You can try," said Harry indifferently.
  • "Oh, yeah," said Hagrid indifferently.
  • ’No,’ said Harry indifferently, and set off again.
  • Harry awoke next morning feeling slightly dazed and confused by a series of dreams in which Ron had chased him with a Beater’s bat, but by midday he would have happily exchanged the dream Ron for the real one, who was not only cold-shouldering Ginny and Dean, but also treating a hurt and bewildered Hermione with an icy, sneering indifference.

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  • About a third are in favor of the change, a third are opposed, and a third are indifferent.
  • Before meeting us, she felt alone in an indifferent world.

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