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Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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Used In
Harry Potter (#6) and the Half-Blood Prince
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  • Dumbledore waited a moment or two, apparently to see whether any of the Dursleys were going to say anything, but as the .
  • Of course, it became apparent to me very quickly that he had no extraordinary talent at all.
  • Apparently lost in memories, he gazed at the opposite wall, turning idly on the spot to ensure an even heat on his backside.
  • Mrs. Weasley nodded and turned the doorknob, but apparently Mr. Weasley was holding tight to it on the other side, because the door remained firmly shut.
  • Apparently Hermione felt she had been rumbled too because she suddenly threw caution to the winds.
  • Crabbe and Goyle were gawping at Malfoy; apparently they had had no inkling of any plans to move on to bigger and better things.
  • Hermione’s remonstration was drowned by a loud giggle; Lavender Brown had apparently found Ron’s remark highly amusing.
  • "And that," said Slughorn, apparently coming back to earth, "is what I shall be offering as a prize in this lesson."
  • Apparently Gaunt felt rather differently.
  • Apparently the winding lane to the village passed very close to the copse where the house stood.
  • Merope shook her head frantically, pressing herself into the wall, apparently unable to speak.
  • They used to be old friends, apparently, but when he heard he’d been caught at the Ministry he didn’t look happy, and Nott didn’t get an invitation, did he? 1 don’t think Slughorn’s interested in Death Eaters.
  • Again and again they scored, and again and again, at the other end of the pitch, Ron saved goals with apparent ease.
  • Instead they lowered her to the ground where she thrashed and screamed, apparently unable to recognize any of them.
  • Harry asked, disregarding a strong feeling that he might be pushing his luck, a feeling apparently shared by Phineas Nigellus, who hissed softly.
  • Apparently she decided she could, because she said in a sudden rush, "He scares the other children."
  • I trust that you also noticed that Tom Riddle was already highly selfsufficient, secretive, and, apparently, friendless?
  • "Overindulged over Christmas, apparently," said Hermione, rolling her eyes as she led the way into the packed common room.
  • She stared across the room, apparently lost in thought, not even noticing Lavender tickling Ron.
  • And that, apparently, was all he ever said again.
  • Apparently the Prince, like Hermione, had had no difficulty understanding it.
  • On one side of him, Ron rubbed his nose in apparent embarrassment; on the other, Hermione shuffled her feet as though quite keen to put a bit of distance between herself and Harry.
  • Apparently Dumbledore thought so too, for Harry now saw him slip his wand out of the pocket of his velvet suit, at the same time picking up a piece of perfectly blank paper from Mrs. Cole’s desktop.
  • Harry glanced over at Ron, who had always had a problem with nerves; Harry had hoped that winning their final match last term might have cured it, but apparently not: Ron was a delicate shade of green.
  • "The thing is, that… er… boy who was in here just now, Draco Malfoy, well, he’s a friend of mine, and I want to get him a birthday present, but if he’s already reserved anything, I obviously don’t want to get him the same thing, so… um…" It was a pretty lame story in Harry’s opinion, and apparently Borgin thought so too.
  • But Riddle’s hunger was now apparent; his expression was greedy, he could no longer hide his longing.
  • Apparently he’s gone away again.
  • "Nothing in particular," said Tonks, picking, apparently uncon-sciously, at the sleeve of her robe.
  • Harry thougln he heard the tinkle of bottles as Slughorn bent over the pincers, apparently examining the enormous hairy head.
  • He dropped his voice as Katie’s friends started gathering up their things; apparently they were late for Transfiguration.
  • "Apparently I underestimated you, Potter," he said quietly.
  • Hagrid fell silent, the thought apparently too horrible to express aloud.
  • Pushing open the doors, Harry saw Neville lying, apparently asleep, in a bed near the door.
  • He looked around to see a gaggle of first years running back around the corner, apparently un-der the impression that they had just encountered a particularly foulmouthed ghost.
  • "Slytherin’s mark," he said quietly, as the light played upon an ornate, serpentine S. "That’s right!" said Hepzibah, delighted, apparently, at the sight of Voldemort gazing at her locket, transfixed.
  • All thought of the lateness of the hour apparently forgotten, he hurried around his desk, took the bottle with Slughorn’s memory in his uninjured hand, and strode over to the cabinet where he kepi the Pensieve.
  • He had been thwarted, both in his attempts to find out what Malfoy was doing, and in his efforts to start a conversation with Slughorn that might lead, somehow, to Slughorn hand-ing over the memory he had apparently suppressed for decades.
  • ’Yeah, well, you still didn’t realise who was behind that stuff, did you?’ sneered Malfoy, as Dumbledore slid a little down the ramparts, the strength in his legs apparently fading, and Harry struggled fruitlessly, mutely, against the enchantment binding him.
  • It was several minutes before Harry became aware that they were not heading for Professor McGonagall’s office, but for Dumbledore’s, and another few seconds before he realized that of course, she had been deputy headmistress, …. Apparently she was now headmistress … so the room behind the gargoyle was now hers.
  • The news had traveled very fast: Apparently Moaning Myrtle had taken it upon herself to pop up in every bathroom in the castle to tell the story; Malfoy had already been visited in the hospital wing by Pansy Parkinson, who had lost no time in vilifying Harry far and wide, and Snape had told the staff precisely what had happened.
  • Dumbledore was humming quietly, apparently quite at his ease, but the atmosphere was thicker than cold custard, and Harry did not dare look at the Dursleys as he said, "Professor — I’m ready now.
  • Apparently deciding that Dumbledore was not a hallucination, she said feebly, "Oh yes.
  • He had found it, a folded square of apparently blank parchment, which he now smoothed out and tapped with [he tip of his wand.
  • So how’s McLaggen shaping up?" he asked Harry nervously, apparently forgetting that he had already asked the same question twice.
  • Burke bought it, apparently, from a ragged-looking woman who seemed to have stolen it, but had no idea of its true value —" There was no mistaking it this time: Voldemort’s eyes flashed scarlet at the words, and Harry saw his knuckles whiten on the locket’s chain.

  • There are no more uses of "apparent" in the book.

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  • The effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the dry fields.
  • The committee investigated some apparent discrepancies.

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