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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Used in
Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • You are being deliberately unhelpful! I expected better, Lucius Malfoy always speaks most highly of you!  (not reviewed by editor)

  • His face felt hot; he deliberately dropped his fork and dived down to retrieve it.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • When he spoke again, it was slowly and deliberately, as though he weighed every word.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • Harry deliberately circled around the back so that he ended up right next to Professor Grubbly-Plank.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • Excitement exploded in the pit of his stomach: it was as though he was looking at himself but with deliberate mistakes.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • He kept his face deliberately smooth and blank as footsteps were heard in the corridor outside and Draco Malfoy entered the room, closely followed by Snape.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • As they filed out of the classroom, Harry saw Professor Umbridge approach the teacher's desk; he nudged Ron, who nudged Hermione in turn, and the three of them deliberately fell back to eavesdrop.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • He wanted to talk to Sirius, to tell him he shouldn't listen to a word Snape said, that Snape was goading him deliberately and that the rest of them didn't think Sirius was a coward for doing as Dumbledore told him and remaining in Grimmauld Place.  (not reviewed by editor)

  • He went up to the bedroom he and Ron had shared over the last few weeks of summer, but while Ron crawled into bed and was asleep within minutes, Harry sat fully clothed, hunched against the cold metal bars of the bedstead, keeping himself deliberately uncomfortable, determined not to fall into a doze, terrified that he might become the serpent again in his sleep and wake to find that he had attacked Ron, or else slithered through the house after one of the others… When Ron woke up,…  (not reviewed by editor)

  • He extricated a piece of parchment from the pile before him, took a deep breath, and read out, The charges against the accused are as follows: That he did knowingly, deliberately and in full awareness of the illegality of his actions, having received a previous written warning from the Ministry of Magic on a similar charge, produce a Patronus Charm in a Muggle-inhabited area, in the presence of a Muggle, on the second of August at twenty-three minutes past nine, which constitutes an…  (not reviewed by editor)

  • 'Well,' said James, appearing to deliberate the point, 'it's more the fact that he exists, if you know what I mean…' Many of the surrounding students laughed, Sirius and Wormtail included, but Lupin, still apparently intent on his book, didn't, and nor did Lily.  (not reviewed by editor)

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as in: a deliberate thinker
as in: deliberate insult
as in: need to deliberate
as in: with all deliberate speed
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