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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • Every few seconds a witch or wizard would emerge from one of the left-hand fireplaces with a soft whoosh.
  • There were hurried footsteps and Rons mother, Mrs Weasley, emerged from a door at the far end of the hall.
  • ’Ready to show us all up, Ickle Prefect?’ said Fred, emerging tousle-haired from the neck of his Quidditch robes, a slightly malicious grin on his face.
  • ’It’s best to know what the enemy is saying,’ said Hermione darkly, and she unfurled the newspaper and disappeared behind it, not emerging until Harry and Ron had finished eating.
  • Seconds later, Hermione emerged panting from the crowd.
  • There she is…’ Ginny had just emerged from the crowd, clutching a squirming Crookshanks.
  • Harry emerged from under the table to see Fred and George walking away, each carrying a stack of toast.
  • A door to his left flew open and Professor McGonagall emerged from her office looking grim and slightly harassed.
  • They turned a corner, walked through a pair of heavy oak doors and emerged in a cluttered open area divided into cubicles, which was buzzing with talk and laughter.
  • ’All OK,’ he muttered to Mrs Weasley and Tonks, ’don’t think we were followed…’ Seconds later, Mr Weasley emerged on to the platform with Ron and Hermione.
  • A few seconds later, Luna Lovegood emerged, trailing behind the rest of the class, a smudge of earth on her nose, and her hair tied in a knot on the top of her head.
  • Harry thought, and no sooner had he reached the part about number twelve, Grimmauld Place, than a battered door emerged out of nowhere between numbers eleven and thirteen, followed swiftly by dirty walls and grimy windows.
  • Ron emerged from the trapdoor, looked around carefully, spotted Harry and made directly for him, or as directly as he could while having to wend his way between tables, chairs and overstuffed pouffes.
  • Of course everyone was staring at him; he had emerged from the Triwizard maze two months previously clutching the dead body of a fellow student and claiming to have seen Lord Voldemort return to power.
  • Up the escalator they went, through the ticket barrier (Mr Weasley delighted with the way the stile swallowed his ticket), and emerged on to a broad street lined with imposing-looking buildings and already full of traffic.
  • ’All right, everyone, listen up,’ said Angelina loudly, emerging from the Captain’s office.
  • When he emerged from this he was sorry to find that Hermione was still in full flow about OWL grades.
  • He emerged from it carrying a blackened old kettle, which he placed carefully on his desk.
  • Come to think of it,’ said Sirius, emerging from the pantry carrying a large turkey as they closed the cupboard door, ’has anyone actually seen Kreacher lately?
  • Harry emerged from behind his towel; the changing room was blurred because he was not wearing his glasses, but he could still tell that everyone’s face was turned towards him.
  • ’C’mon,’ growled Moody, giving Harry yet another poke in the back, and together they stepped forward through what felt like a sheet of cool water, emerging quite warm and dry on the other side.
  • He was pulling out his dream diary in a seat at the very back of the shadowy Divination room when Ron elbowed him in the ribs and, looking round, he saw Professor Umbridge emerging through the trapdoor in the floor.
  • A pair of blank, white, shining eyes were growing larger through the gloom and a moment later the dragonish face, neck and then skeletal body of a great, black, winged horse emerged from the darkness.
  • Hagrid did not emerge again, but smoke furled from the chimney, so Hagrid could not be so badly injured that he was unequal to stoking the fire.
  • ’Now, I haven’t heard from Dumbledore lately!’ she added, peering around the Hall as though hopeful he might suddenly emerge from a broom cupboard.
  • ’Everard, you will need to raise the alarm, make sure he is found by the right people —’ Both nodded and moved sideways out of their frames, but instead of emerging in neighbouring pictures (as usually happened at Hogwarts) neither reappeared.
  • Harry squinted into the sun and saw Hagrid emerging from between the trees.
  • Around fifty centaurs were emerging on every side, their bows raised and loaded, pointing at Harry Hermione and Umbridge.
  • ’Did you like question ten, Moony?’ asked Sirius as they emerged into the Entrance Hall.
  • The trees behind the centaur rustled and four or five more centaurs emerged behind him.
  • ’Not far now!’ shouted Hermione, as they emerged into a dim, dank clearing.
  • They had reached the end of the row and emerged into more dim candlelight.
  • The Death Eater kicked out hard at Neville’s head as he emerged — his foot broke Neville’s wand in two and connected with his face.
  • The whole room was ringing with the Death Eaters’ laughter: he looked up and saw the five who had been in the Brain Room descending towards him, while as many more emerged through other doorways and began leaping from bench to bench towards him.
  • Dumbledore had strode alone into the Forest to rescue her from the centaurs; how he had done it — how he had emerged from the trees supporting Professor Umbridge without so much as a scratch on him — nobody knew, and Umbridge was certainly not telling.
  • — CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE — Beyond the Veil Black shapes were emerging out of thin air all around them, blocking their way left and right; eyes glinted through slits in hoods, a dozen lit wand tips were pointing directly at their hearts; Ginny gave a gasp of horror.
  • ’Yeah, I’m — where’s Voldemort, where — who are all these — what’s — The Atrium was full of people; the floor was reflecting the emerald green flames that had burst into life in all the fireplaces along one wall; and streams of witches and wizards were emerging from them.
  • As it rose in the jar, it cracked open and a hummingbird emerged, which was carried to the very top of the jar, but as it fell on the draught its feathers became bedraggled and damp again, and by the time it had been borne back to the bottom of the jar it had been enclosed once more in its egg.
  • He thought he might really go and visit Hagrid, though, as he had not talked to him properly since he’d returned… Harry had just descended the last marble step into the Entrance Hall when Malloy, Crabbe and Goyle emerged from a door on the right that Harry knew led down to the Slytherin common room.
  • To Harry it was meaningless noise, the deflected curses flying past them did not matter, nothing mattered except that Lupin should stop pretending that Sirius — who was standing feet from them behind that old curtain — was not going to emerge at any moment, shaking back his dark hair and eager to re-enter the battle.
  • Snape had emerged from the staircase leading down to his office and at the sight of him Harry felt a great rush of hatred beyond anything he felt towards Malloy… whatever Dumbledore said, he would never forgive Snape… never… ’What are you doing, Potter?’ said Snape, as coldly as ever, as he strode over to the four of them.

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  • China recently emerged as a world power.
  • The idea emerged at a Student Council meeting.

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