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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • ’I’m not making prophecies,’ said Harry.
  • ’No,’ said Tonks musingly, ’no, I suppose it’s not really prophecy you’re doing, is it? I mean, you’re not seeing the future, you’re seeing the present… it’s odd, isn’t it?
  • Now, give me the prophecy Potter.
  • ’After we’ve just found out that there are real prophecies?’
  • Now give me the prophecy, Potter.
  • Now give me the prophecy, or we start using wands.
  • ’Hand over the prophecy and no one need get hurt,’ said Malfoy coolly.
  • 1 give you this — prophecy, is it?
  • Harry felt the others close in around Ginny; he stepped sideways so that he was right in front of her, the prophecy held up to his chest.
  • So,’ said Harry, ’what kind of prophecy are we talking about, anyway?
  • ’What kind of prophecy?’ repeated Bellatrix, the grin fading from her face.
  • ’You haven’t told me what’s so special about this prophecy I’m supposed to be handing over,’ he said, playing for time.
  • And why did he want to steal a prophecy about me?
  • Was this prophecy the reason Harry’s parents had died, the reason he carried his lightning-bolt scar?
  • With his free hand, he pointed from the prophecy still clutched in Harrys hand, to himself, then at Hermione.
  • Give me the prophecy, or you get the same as her… ’Like you won’t kill us all anyway, the moment I hand it over!’ said Harry.
  • Potter, your race is run,’ drawled Lucius Malfoy, pulling off his mask, ’now hand me the prophecy like a good boy.
  • No, let’s see how long Longbottom lasts before he cracks like his parents… unless Potter wants to give us the prophecy.
  • Now, Potter, either give us the prophecy, or watch your little friend die the hard way!
  • The prophecy was hot with the heat of his clutching hand as he held it out.
  • ’Give it to me,’ growled a voice in his ear, ’give me the prophecy —’ The man was pressing so tightly on Harry’s windpipe that he could not breathe.
  • For a moment he thought he had dropped the prophecy, but then he saw Moody’s magical eye spinning away across the floor.
  • The prophecy had again flown to the tips of Harry’s fingers but he had managed to cling on to it.
  • Harry, take the prophecy, grab Neville and run!
  • Harry flung the prophecy across the floor, Neville span himself around on his back and scooped the ball to his chest.
  • Neville sank to the ground, his legs still jerking and thrashing, and he thrust the prophecy into his pocket.
  • ’Give me the prophecy — roll it out towards me now — and I may spare your life!
  • ’The prophecy smashed when I was trying to get Neville up the steps!
  • ’So, you smashed my prophecy?’ said Voldemort softly, staring at Harry with those pitiless red eyes.
  • ’Voldemort tried to kill you when you were a child because of a prophecy made shortly before your birth.
  • He knew the prophecy had been made, though he did not know its full contents.
  • He set out to kill you when you were still a baby, believing he was fulfilling the terms of the prophecy.
  • ’The prophecy’s smashed,’ Harry said blankly.
  • ’But then … but then, why was it my name on the prophecy and not Neville’s?’
  • My — our — one stroke of good fortune was that the eavesdropper was detected only a short way into the prophecy and thrown from the building.
  • He had not told Ron, Hermione or anyone else what the prophecy had contained.
  • ’Someone made a prophecy about Voldemort and me?’ he said quietly, gazing at Lucius Malfoy, his fingers tightening over the warm glass sphere in his hand.
  • The prophecy, give me the prophecy, Potter!’ snarled Lucius Malfoy’s voice in his ear, and Harry felt the tip of Malfoy’s wand pressing hard between his ribs.
  • The prophecy, give me the prophecy, Potter!’ snarled Lucius Malfoy’s voice in his ear, and Harry felt the tip of Malfoy’s wand pressing hard between his ribs.
  • ’It seemed plain to the keeper of the Hall of Prophecy that Voldemort could only have tried to kill you because he knew you to be the one to whom Sybill was referring.
  • And so, since his return to his body, and particularly since your extraordinary escape from him last year, he has been determined to hear that prophecy in its entirety.
  • — CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN — The Lost Prophecy Harry’s feet hit solid ground; his knees buckled a little and the golden wizard’s head fell *ith a resounding dunk to the floor.
  • ’And then you saw Rockwood, who worked in the Department of Mysteries before his arrest, telling Voldemort what we had known all along —that the prophecies held in the Ministry of Magic are heavily protected.
  • Accio prophecy!
  • Harry got to his feet though his legs were trembling so badly they barely supported him: the prophecy was still miraculously unbroken in his left hand, his wand clutched tightly in his right.
  • But the prophecy was made to somebody, and that person has the means of recalling it perfectly’ ’Who heard it?’ asked Harry, though he thought he knew the answer already ’I did,’ said Dumbledore.
  • There was no time to argue the point; Harry could hear more I footsteps growing louder from the Hall of Prophecy and knew, too late, that he ought not to have shouted and given away their position.
  • Voldemort, of course, had been obsessed with the possibility of hearing the prophecy ever since he regained his body; and as he dwelled on the door, so did you, though you did not know what it meant.
  • He turned his wand backwards towards the man’s side, but had no breath to utter an incantation, and the man’s free hand was groping towards the hand in which Harry was grasping the prophecy — ’AARGH!’
  • Harry ran for it as Bellatrix Lestrange raced right at him: holding the prophecy high above his head, he sprinted back up the room; all he could think of doing was to draw the Death Eaters away from the others.
  • ’I was pulling Neville up those benches in the — the room where the archway was, and I ripped his robes and it fell …’ ’The thing that smashed was merely the record of the prophecy kept by the Department of Mysteries.
  • Sybill’s prophecy could have applied to two wizard boys, both born at the end of July that year, both of whom had parents in the Order of the Phoenix, both sets of parents having narrowly escaped Voldemort three times.
  • Because the only people who are permitted to retrieve a prophecy from the Department of Mysteries, Potter, are those about whom it was made, as the Dark Lord discovered when he attempted to use others to steal it for him.
  • ’But you said — Neville was born at the end of July, too — and his mum and dad = ’You are forgetting the next part of the prophecy, the final identifying feature of the boy who could vanquish Voldemort … Voldemort himself would mark him as his equal.
  • Footsteps and shouts echoed from behind the door they had just sealed; Harry put his ear close to the door to listen and heard Lucius Malfoy roar, ’Leave Nott, leave him, I say — his injuries will be nothing to the Dark Lord compared to losing that prophecy.
  • ’Get Potter!’ shrieked Bellatrix, and she ran at him; he dodged her and sprinted back up the room; he was safe as long as they thought they might hit the prophecy — ’Hey!’ said Ron, who had staggered to his feet and was now tottering drunkenly towards Harry, giggling.
  • He should have waited to see whether Neville or I looked more dangerous when we were older and tried to kill whoever it was then = ’That might, indeed, have been the more practical course,’ said Dumbledore, ’except that Voldemort’s information about the prophecy was incomplete.
  • If he had not gone to save Sirius, Sirius would not have died… More to stave off the moment when he would have to think of Sirius again, Harry asked, without caring much about the answer, ’The end of the prophecy… it was something about… neither can live…’ ’… while the other survives,’ said Dumbledore.
  • Both Harry’s and the Death Eater’s wands flew out of their hands and soared back towards the entrance to the Hall of Prophecy; both scrambled to their feet and charged after them, the Death Eater in front, Harry hot on his heels, and Neville bringing up the rear, plainly horrorstruck by what he had done.
  • As both of them stared at the place where it had broken, appalled at what had happened, a pearly-white figure with hugely magnified eyes rose into the air, unnoticed by any but them…Harry could see its mouth moving, but in all the crashes and screams and yells surrounding them, not one word of the prophecy could he hear.
  • We’ll split into pairs and search, and don’t forget, be gentle with Potter until we’ve got the prophecy, you can kill the others if necessary —Bellatrix, Rodolphus, you take the left; Crabbe, Rabastan, go right —Jugson, Dolohov, the door straight ahead — Macnair and Avery, through here — Rookwood, over there — Mulciber, come with me!’
  • It seemed to have worked; they streaked after him, knocking chairs and tables flying but not daring to bewitch him in case they hurt the prophecy, and he dashed through the only door still open, the one through which the Death Eaters themselves had come; inwardly praying that Neville would stay with Ron and find some way of releasing him.
  • …to sprint in earnest; he could hear footsteps right behind him and Hermione’s voice urging Neville on; straight ahead, the door through which they had come was ajar; Harry could see the glittering light of the bell jar; he pelted through the doorway, the prophecy still clutched tight and safe in his hand, and waited for the others to hurtle over the threshold before slamming the door behind them — ’Colloportus!’ gasped Hermione and the door sealed itself with an odd squelching noise.

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  • The prophecy came true.
  • It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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