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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • The figure in front was unmistakeably his cousin, Dudley Dursley, wending his way home, accompanied by his faithful gang.
  • Harry, Ginny and Neville had finished their pumpkin pasties and were busy swapping Chocolate Frog Cards when the compartment door slid open and they walked in, accompanied by Crookshanks and a shrilly hooting Pigwidgeon in his cage.
  • They had not quite recovered from the shock of Luna’s hat before Angelina came hurrying towards them, accompanied by Katie and Alicia, whose eyebrows had mercifully been returned to normal by Madam Pomfrey.
  • Then a burst of fire in midair illuminated the dirty plates in front of them and, as they gave cries of shock, a scroll of parchment fell with a thud on to the table, accompanied by a single golden phoenix tail feather.
  • Lupin strolled away from the bed and over to the werewolf, who had no visitors and was looking rather wistfully at the crowd around Mr Weasley; Bill muttered something about getting himself a cup of tea and Fred and George leapt up to accompany him, grinning.
  • Would he come straight back to his office afterwards, or accompany Montague to the hospital wing?
  • Even through his anger and impatience, Harry recognised Hermiones offer to accompany him into Umbridge’s office as a sign of solidarity and loyalty.
  • ’I shall let you pass today because you are accompanied by your young —’ They’re not his!’ interrupted Bane contemptuously.
  • He could not think why Umbridge would be taking a stroll outside after midnight, much less accompanied by five others.
  • Cho was passing, accompanied by Marietta Edgecombe, who was wearing a balaclava.
  • Nowadays, however, his scar hardly ever stopped prickling, and he often felt lurches of annoyance or cheerfulness that were unrelated to what was happening to him at the time, which were always accompanied by a particularly painful twinge from his scar.
  • ’Yes,’ said Umbridge, pulling herself together, ’yes… well, Miss Edgecombe tipped me off and I proceeded at once to the seventh floor, accompanied by certain trustworthy students, so as to catch those in the meeting red-handed.
  • Harry walked slowly along the deserted corridor, peering out of windows as he went; he could see people messing around in the air over the Quidditch pitch and a couple of students swimming in the lake, accompanied by the giant squid.
  • ’He’s loads betterlooking now… anyway, Harry, the food trolley’s just stopped if you want anything…’ Harry thanked the others and accompanied Ron back to their compartment, where he bought a large pile of cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties.

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  • The nurse accompanied the old woman everywhere.
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