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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • It was pulsating slightly, giving it the rather sinister look of some diseased internal organ.
  • Standing still and quiet in the gathering gloom, the creatures looked eerie and sinister.
  • Harry thought of the sinister winged horses he had seen on the night he had arrived and how Luna had said she could see them too.
  • She then bustled around the desk with it, smiling in a sinisterly sweet fashion.
  • ’Well…’ said Moody, pushing back his bowler hat to reveal his sinisterly revolving magical eye.
  • There was a musical box that emitted a faintly sinister, tinkling tune when wound, and they all found themselves becoming curiously weak and sleepy, until Ginny had the sense to slam the lid shut; a heavy locket that none of them could open; a number of ancient seals; and, in a dusty box, an Order of Merlin, First Class, that had been awarded to Sirius’s grandfather for ’services to the Ministry’.
  • As Harry watched, one of the larger Catherine wheels seemed to decide that what it needed was more room to manoeuvre; it whirled towards Umbridge and Filch with a sinister ’wheeeeeeeeee’.
  • She was so short that this did not make a great deal of difference, but her fussy, simpering demeanour had given place to a hard fury that made her broad, flabby face look oddly sinister.
  • There was Mad-Eye Moody, looking quite as sinister with his bowler hat pulled low over his magical eye as he would have done without it, his gnarled hands clutching a long staff, his body wrapped in a voluminous travelling cloak.

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  • They created a sinister plan to recruit terrorists.
  • In the movie, there was a sinister plot to kill people and harvest their organs.

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