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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • ’We can’t set him free, he knows too much about the Order,’ said Sirius curtly.
  • ’I work here,’ said Mr Weasley curtly.
  • ’I work here,’ said Mr Weasley curtly.
  • Then he gave a curt nod that set his jowls aquiver again and Harry walked on, out on to the stone steps and the cold, sunlit day.
  • Professor McGonagall gave him a curt nod and retreated into the staff room, leaving Harry to be swept out into the courtyard with the crowd.
  • Professor Trelawney nodded curtly and, looking very disgruntled, turned her back on Professor Umbridge and continued to give out books.
  • This is urgent,’ said Harry curtly.
  • ’I believe you, Potter,’ said Professor McGonagall curtly.
  • ’Sit,’ said Umbridge curtly, pointing towards a chair.
  • Professor McGonagall asked curtly, without looking at Professor Umbridge.
  • ’He hasn’t,’ said Harry curtly.
  • ’OK, fine, it’s your choice,’ he said curtly, ’but unless we can find more Thestrals you’re not going to be able —’
  • ’Put that wand away at once,’ he said curtly.
  • Harry nodded curtly, but found that for some reason he did not mind Luna talking about Sirius.

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  • Her response was so curt it was almost rude.
  • a curt reply

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