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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter (#5) and the Order of the Phoenix
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  • Harry watched apprehensively as the pavement seemed to rise up past the glass windows of the telephone box until darkness closed over their heads.
  • Harry asked apprehensively, but Moody ignored him.
  • Mrs Weasley hesitated, looking apprehensive.
  • Both of them were watching him apprehensively, as though they feared he would start shouting again now that everyone else had gone.
  • He took the last few steps at a run, wrenched open the door and almost collided with Mr Weasley, who was standing right outside, looking pale and apprehensive.
  • ’Oh yeah?’ said Ron, sounding apprehensive.
  • Harry asked, eyeing Snape’s wand apprehensively.
  • Hermione asked apprehensively.
  • ’Anyway, Grawpy,’ shouted Hagrid, looking up apprehensively in case of further falling eggs, ’I’ve brought some friends ter meet yeh.
  • Some looked apprehensive, others entertained.
  • ’Well… you…’ she looked more apprehensive than ever.
  • ’Of course,’ said Umbridge, though she sounded a little apprehensive now.
  • Ron departed for the Quidditch pitch and Harry, after attempting to flatten his hair while staring at his reflection in the back of a teaspoon, proceeded alone to the Entrance Hall to meet Cho, feeling very apprehensive and wondering what on earth they were going to talk about.

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  • She is apprehensive about her new job.
  • She is apprehensive about finals.

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