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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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Harry Potter (#4) and the Goblet of Fire
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  • At the foot of Harry’s mattress he saw two large, disheveled shapes emerging from tangles of blankets.
  • "Only a week away!" said Ernie Macmillan of Hufflepuff, emerging from the crowd, his eyes gleaming.
  • At the same moment, Bill, Charlie, and Percy emerged from the boys’ tent, fully dressed, with their sleeves rolled up and their wands out.
  • The words were hardly out of his mouth, when Ludo Bagman emerged from behind a tree right ahead of them.
  • They walked through the wood for twenty minutes, talking and joking loudly, until at last they emerged on the other side and found themselves in the shadow of a gigantic stadium.
  • The familiar sweet perfume spreading from the fire met their nostrils as they emerged at the top of the stepladder.
  • Finally, with a great sloshing noise, the ship emerged entirely, bobbing on the turbulent water, and began to glide toward the bank.
  • A Ministry official emerged some time after the appearance of the Dark Mark alleging that nobody had been hurt, but refusing to give any more information.
  • Dudley had emerged from his last encounter with a fully grown wizard with a curly pig’s tail poking out of the seat of his trousers, and Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had had to pay for its removal at a private hospital in London.
  • Then Harry saw a shining, high-heeled black shoe emerging from the inside of the carriage — a shoe the size of a child’s sled followed, almost immediately, by the largest woman he had ever seen in his life.
  • As they passed the Durmstrang ship moored in the lake, they saw Viktor Krum emerge onto the deck, dressed in nothing but swimming trunks.
  • Harry, whose attention had been focused completely upon Madame Maxime, now noticed that about a dozen boys and girls, all, by the look of them, in their late teens, had emerged from the carriage and were now standing behind Madame Maxime.
  • He turned around and saw Mad-Eye Moody emerging from a nearby classroom.
  • Harry walked back to the tent and saw Cedric emerging from it, greener than ever.
  • Rita Skeeter and her photographer friend had just emerged from the Three Broomsticks pub.
  • The back of Hagrid’s enormous shaggy head — he had mercifully abandoned his bunches — emerged over the crowd.
  • Squeals issued from many of the bushes, and dark shapes emerged from them.
  • Fred and George had just emerged from behind some bookshelves.
  • … He hurried off through the packed corridors looking for her, and (rather sooner than he had expected) he found her, emerging from a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.
  • Crabbe and Goyle guffawed sycophantically, but Malfoy had to stop there, because Hagrid emerged from the back of his cabin balancing a teetering tower of crates, each containing a very large Blast-Ended Skrewt.
  • When everyone had left the box, we would emerge.
  • Merpeople were emerging on all sides now, watching him eagerly, pointing at his webbed hands and gills, talking behind their hands to one another.
  • Harry yelled, gesturing toward Hermione, an enormous silver bubble emerging soundlessly from his lips.
  • All around him, wild, green-haired heads were emerging out of the water with him, but they were smiling at him.
  • For one shining moment, he saw himself emerging from the maze, holding it.
  • He could see Cedric emerging, see the old man, Bertha Jorkins … his father …. his mother …. He was glad when Sirius broke the silence.
  • As he watched, Madame Maxime emerged from the Beauxbatons carriage and walked over to Hagrid.
  • Snape had just emerged from the hidden staircase behind the stone gargoyle.
  • "Where are they?" said Dumbledore as the Beauxbatons carriage emerged from the darkness.
  • "My Lord … no … I beg you …." The tip of a wand emerged from around the back of the chair.
  • A shadow of the living Cedric would have emerged from the wand …. am I correct, Harry?
  • Harry went on; he explained how Voldemort had emerged from the cauldron, and told them all he could remember of Voldemort’s speech to the Death Eaters.
  • Getting to their feet very cautiously, so that Hagrid wouldn’t spot them, Harry, Ron, and Hermione peered through the window and saw that Madame Maxime and the Beauxbatons students had just emerged from their carriage, clearly about to set off for the feast too.
  • They leered at Harry as he swam past; one or two of them emerged from their caves to watch him better, their powerful, silver fish tails beating the water, spears clutched in their hands.
  • Harry described how the figures that had emerged from the wand had prowled the edges of the golden web, how Voldemort had seemed to fear them, how the shadow of Harry’s mother had told him what to do, how Cedric’s had made its final request.
  • Parents having a lie-in, I suppose —" Here and there adult wizards and witches were emerging from their tents and starting to cook breakfast.
  • And now another head was emerging from the tip of Voldemorts wand …. and Harry knew when he saw it who it would be … he knew, as though he had expected it from the moment when Cedric had appeared from the wand …. knew, because the man appearing was the one he’d thought of more than any other tonight…… The smoky shadow of a tall man with untidy hair fell to the ground as Bertha had done, straightened up, and looked at him …. and Harry, his arms shaking madly now, looked back into the…
  • Harry heard the frightened yells of the Death Eaters, prowling around the edges of the golden dome…. More screams of pain from the wand …. and then something else emerged from its tip … the dense shadow of a second head, quickly followed by arms and torso … an old man Harry had seen only in a dream was now pushing himself out of the end of the wand just as Cedric had done …. and his ghost, or his shadow, or whatever it was, fell next to Cedric’s, and surveyed Harry and Voldemort, and…
  • An hour long you’ll have to look, And to recover what we took…" Harry swam faster and soon saw a large rock emerge out of the muddy water ahead.
  • it looked so solid) emerged in its entirety from the end of Voldemort s wand, as though it were squeezing itself out of a very narrow tunnel…. and this shade of Cedric stood up, and looked up and down the golden thread of light, and spoke.
  • Killed me, that one did…… You fight him, boy…… " But already, yet another head was emerging … and this head, gray as a smoky statue, was a woman’s…… Harry, both arms shaking now as he fought to keep his wand still, saw her drop to the ground and straighten up like the others, staring…… The shadow of Bertha Jorkins surveyed the battle before her with wide eyes.

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  • China recently emerged as a world power.
  • The idea emerged at a Student Council meeting.

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