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Harry Potter (#3) and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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Harry Potter (#3) and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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  • You conjured up a Patronus that drove away all those dementors! That’s very, very advanced magic.
  • And how do you conjure it?
  • Each one is unique to the wizard who conjures it.
  • "Well, when it works correctly, It conjures up a Patronus," said Lupin, "which is a kind of anti— dementor — a guardian that acts as a shield between you and the dementor."
  • He was conjuring stretchers and lifting the limp forms of Harry, Hermione, and Black onto them.
  • Black conjured heavy manacles from thin air; soon Pettigrew was upright again, left arm chained to Lupin’s right, right arm to Ron’s left.
  • It couldn’t walk through the cloud of silver mist Harry had conjured.
  • I bound and gagged Black, naturally, conjured stretchers, and brought them all straight back to the castle.
  • But who conjured it?
  • Dumbledore wouldn’t laugh — he could tell Dumbledore… "I thought it was my dad who’d conjured my Patronus.

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  • She fears his black magic will conjure up evil spirits.
  • The song conjures memories of good times.

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