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Gone with the Wind
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Gone with the Wind
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as in: endured the pain Define
to suffer through (or put up with something difficult or unpleasant)
  • Gradually, Scarlett drew courage from the brave faces of her friends and from the merciful adjustment which nature makes when what cannot be cured must be endured.
  • Perhaps it might have been endurable if she had been permitted to use her charms on the convalescent men, for many of them were attractive and well born, but this she could not do in her widowed state.

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  • She would have preferred a loud scream to silent endurance.
  • I have a deep and impersonal admiration for your endurance, Scarlett, and I do not like to see your spirit crushed beneath too many millstones.
  • I always felt that women had a hardness and endurance unknown to men, despite the pretty idea taught me in childhood that women are frail, tender, sensitive creatures.
  • Arrogance and callousness for the conquerors, bitter endurance and hatred for the conquered.
  • It was this knowledge that made life endurable, this knowledge that Ashley, bound by honor, loved her from afar for beautiful things deep buried in her that he alone could see.
  • She had not been sustained through privations, the sickening duties of nursing, the fears of the siege and the hunger of the last few months by the fanatic glow which made all these things endurable to others, if only the Cause prospered.
  • He looked like a man secretly gnawed by a scarcely endurable pain and there was a grim tight look about his mouth that baffled and hurt her.
  • This irritated Scarlett almost beyond endurance.

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  • I endured insult and injury without complaint.
  • As a soldier, she was prepared to endure hardship and even to sacrifice her life for others.

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  • She meant what she said, for she could never long endure any conversation of which she was not the chief subject.
  • How could she have even endured hearing them make love to her when Ashley was in the world?

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  • Oh, I was so tired of hearing them talk about the war that I couldn’t have endured it through supper, especially with Pa joining in and shouting about Mr. Lincoln.
  • She could not endure the suspense another moment.
  • Throughout the dismal meal, Gerald’s booming voice battered against her ears until she thought she could endure it no longer.
  • In fact, she could endure the hospital with equanimity now because it was a perfect happy hunting ground.
  • How can we endure these scavengers in our midst with their varnished boots when our boys are tramping barefoot into battle?
  • Her nerves, she said, were delicate and she could not endure noises.
  • My impression has been for some time past that you could hardly endure Mrs. Wilkes.
  • She was constitutionally unable to endure any man being in love with any woman not herself, and the sight of India Wilkes and Stuart at the speaking had been too much for her predatory nature.

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  • When Mammy returned she would resume her lecture on Scarlett’s breach of hospitality, and Scarlett felt that she could not endure prating about such a trivial matter when her heart was breaking.
  • Only Mammy endured Scarlett’s temper with equanimity and Mammy had had many years of training with Gerald O’Hara and his explosions.
  • If it were to her advantage she would have endured insults about her own virtue and honesty.
  • Scarlett could endure seeing her own possessions going out of the house in hateful alien hands but not this—not her little boy’s pride.
  • They left the room, and Scarlett, who felt she could not endure the house another minute, followed them.
  • She did not feel that she could endure seeing anyone or talking to anyone again.
  • So long as she was poor, just so long would she have to endure such scenes as this.
  • Her conduct was a constant embarrassment to him but he reckoned he could endure it for a while longer.
  • She could endure the sight of her own child in aprons made of sacking and the girls in dingy old gingham, could bear it that Will worked harder than any field hand, but not Ashley.
  • Separately the two of them could be endured, but the brazen combination of Scarlett and Rhett was too much to be borne.
  • But even the ladies whom Scarlett took to her bosom had to endure much from her.
  • And while I may endure a trollop for a wife, I won’t endure a coward.
  • And while I may endure a trollop for a wife, I won’t endure a coward.
  • She could not endure the tears of the one, the silent condemnation of the other.
  • But she knew she could no longer endure with any fortitude the sound of his voice when there was no love in it.
  • They took her at her own valuation and endured much at her hands, her airs, her graces, her tempers, her arrogance, her downright rudeness and her frankness about their shortcomings.
  • You kick up such a heap of dust that we’re choking," said Scarlett, who felt that she could endure conversation no longer.

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as in: endured the pain Define
to suffer through (or put up with something difficult or unpleasant)
as in: endure through the ages Define
to continue to exist
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