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The Two Towers
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The Two Towers
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  • ’Yet however you read it, it seems not unhopeful,’ said Legolas.
  • The riders were not, however, content merely to wait for the dawn and let their enemies rest.

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  • Treebeard was however especially interested in everything that concerned Gandalf; and most interested of all in Saruman’s doings.
  • However, deciding what to do does not take Ents so long as going over all the facts and events that they have to make up their minds about.
  • There is, however, nothing to show that for certain.
  • These, however, did not go far before they were crossed by orc-prints, also coming out from the main trail behind and in front, and then they curved sharply back again and were lost in the trampling.
  • For however the fortune of war shall go, may it not so end that much that was fair and wonderful shall pass for ever out of Middle-earth?
  • It did not, however, turn out half as bad as he had expected.
  • Gollum, however, was helpless with terror, and was convinced that they were being hunted, that their approach was known.
  • Gollum, however, did not intend to be got rid of, yet.

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  • Sam, however, had no objection to rabbit at all, and said so.
  • However, that is not for me to judge, happily.
  • But she must eat, and however busily they delved new winding passages from the pass and from their tower, ever she found some way to snare them.
  • The sword, however, blazed so brightly now that he could see dimly in its light.

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despite that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include in spite of that, nevertheless, nonetheless, and on the other hand.)
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to whatever degree (regardless of how much)
as in: However you do it, get it done! Define
in whatever way
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