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The Giver
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as in: a modest dwelling Define
a house or shelter in which someone lives
  • Go immediately to your dwelling at the conclusion of Training Hours each day.
  • The area of dwellings behind him, Jonas rode past the community structures, hoping to spot Asher’s bicycle parked beside one of the small factories or office buildings.

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  • Jonas could see the parents of the new Tens stir and murmur, and he knew that this evening, in many dwellings, they would be snipping and straightening the hastily done haircuts, trimming them into a neater line.
  • Then he checked those outside Food Distribution; it was always fun to help with the deliveries, and he hoped he would find his friend there so that they could go together on the daily rounds, carrying the cartons of supplies into the dwellings of the community.
  • The other communities he had seen on visits were essentially the same as his own, the only differences were slightly altered styles of dwellings, slightly different schedules in the schools.
  • He circled the outlying communities, their dwellings dark.
  • It was terribly dangerous because some of the work crews were still about, but he moved stealthily and silently, staying in the shadows, making his way past the darkened dwellings and the empty Central Plaza, toward the river.

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  • There is a second dwelling unit on the property.
  • We searched the entire valley and did not find her dwelling.

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as in: Don't dwell on it. Define
to think, communicate, or let attention stay on (or return to) something for a prolonged period
  • I will not dwell on the experience because it causes us all terrible discomfort.

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  • Don’t dwell on the past.
  • Her students were ready to move on, but she dwelled on about Chapter 7.

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unspecified meaning
  • Instantly, obediently, Jonas had dropped his bike on its side on the path behind his family’s dwelling.
  • That evening, before his parents and Lily arrived at the dwelling, he had held it in his hands and looked at it carefully.

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  • He waved to Father and Lily as they left the dwelling, carrying Gabe in his basket.
  • Then, in the same way that his own dwelling slipped away behind him as he rounded a corner on his bicycle, the dream slipped away from his thoughts.
  • The evening proceeded as all evenings did in the family unit, in the dwelling, in the community: quiet, reflective, a time for renewal and preparation for the day to come.
  • Once he had been heading off to school with Asher, both of them on their bikes, when Asher’s father had called from their dwelling doorway, "You forgot your pill, Asher!"
  • He knew that his parents cringed a little, as he did, when Fritz, who lived in the dwelling next door to theirs, received his bike and almost immediately bumped into the podium with it.
  • In each dwelling tonight they would be studying the instructions for the beginning of their training.
  • He rode directly to his dwelling, exchanging only small jokes and unimportant remarks with Asher.
  • It was not unlike his own family unit’s dwelling.

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  • All of those things were in this spacious room, though each was slightly different from those in his own dwelling.
  • The books in his own dwelling were the only books that Jonas had ever seen.
  • It was the same sort of speaker that occupied a place in every dwelling, but one thing about it was different.
  • Earlier that day, dressing in his own dwelling, he had practiced the kind of jaunty, self-assured walk that he hoped he could make to the stage when his turn came.
  • When he had crushed his finger in the door, he had quickly, gasping into the speaker, notified his mother; she had hastily requisitioned relief-of-pain medication which had promptly been delivered to his dwelling.
  • In his own dwelling, there were the necessary reference volumes that each household contained: a dictionary, and the thick community volume which contained descriptions of every office, factory, building, and committee.
  • When I finish my training and become a full adult, I’ll be given my own dwelling.
  • Somehow they were not at all the same as the feelings that every evening, in every dwelling, every citizen analyzed with endless talk.
  • She left here that day, left this room, and did not go back to her dwelling.
  • Then, in the middle of the night before the Ceremony, Jonas would secretly leave his dwelling.
  • He left the dwelling shortly after the sky became dark and the community still.
  • First, he had left the dwelling at night.
  • Gabe struggled cheerfully as if it were a wrestling game, the kind they had played back in the dwelling, with tickles and laughter.
  • This was probably the most dangerous part, because it was a violation of a major rule for any citizen not on official business to leave a dwelling at night.
  • Second, he had robbed the community of food: a very serious crime, even though what he had taken was leftovers, set out on the dwelling doorsteps for collection.
  • At night, while Gabriel slept beside him, Jonas lay awake, tortured by hunger, and remembered his life in the community where meals were delivered to each dwelling every day.
  • Nearby, Gabriel played happily on the floor, babbling his baby talk, looking with glee now and then toward Jonas, obviously delighted to have him back after the unexpected night away from the dwelling.
  • Back in their dwelling, that evening, Lily chattered merrily about the wonderful holiday she had had, playing with her friends, having her midday meal out of doors, and (she confessed) sneaking a very short try on her father’s bicycle.
  • He sat in his dwelling alone, watching through the window, seeing children at play, citizens bicycling home from uneventful days at work, ordinary lives free of anguish because he had been selected, as others before him had, to bear their burden.
  • Before he had left the dwelling, he had laid his hands firmly on Gabe’s back and transmitted to him the most soothing memory he could: a slow-swinging hammock under palm trees on an island someplace, at evening, with a rhythmic sound of languid water lapping hypnotically against a beach nearby.
  • And then when Lily does, a few years later, she’ll get her own dwelling, and maybe a spouse, and children if she applies for them, and then Mother and Father — " "That’s right."

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as in: Don't dwell on it. Define
to think, communicate, or let attention stay on (or return to) something for a prolonged period
as in: It dwells in the forest. Define
make one's home in; or to live in; or to stay (in a place)
as in: a modest dwelling Define
a house or shelter in which someone lives
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