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Gone with the Wind
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Gone with the Wind
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  • The Troop bowed to real worth and moreover, because they liked him, they made him an officer.
  • Moreover, Scarlett and her father were bound together by a mutual suppression agreement.
  • He felt aggrieved, moreover, that Scarlett should still look desolate after being offered the best of the County boys and Tara, too.
  • Moreover, there was something personal, exciting about a town that was born—or at least christened—the same year she was christened.
  • And moreover, for all her youth, she is one of the few great ladies I have ever been privileged to know.
  • Moreover, I wouldn’t be caught dead in the Home Guard or in any army, for that matter.
  • Moreover, Phil was somewhere in the trenches and she wanted to be near by in case . But Mrs. Whiting went and many other ladies of Scarlett’s circle.
  • Moreover, no one knows just where the Yankees are now, but they are all over everywhere.
  • Moreover, he could keep up with the young men, which was more than Grandpa Merriwether could do, he told them gleefully.
  • Moreover, now that she was away from Tara, she missed it dreadfully, missed the red fields and the springing green cotton and the sweet twilight silences.
  • Captain Carey Ashburn’s useless arm was hurting him again and moreover he was depressed by the thought that his courtship of Scarlett was at a standstill.
  • Moreover, there was a haunting look of despair about her that went to his heart and made him more gentle with her than he had ever been with any person in all the world.
  • John Wilkes casually but swiftly came back to his place beside the speaker, as if to impress on all present that this man was his guest and that, moreover, there were ladies present.
  • Moreover, such was his faith in his destiny and four dueces that he never for a moment wondered just how the money would be paid back should a higher hand be laid down across the table.
  • Moreover, Able was the best shot in the Troop, a real sharpshooter who could pick out the eye of a squirrel at seventy-five yards, and, too, he knew all about living outdoors, building fires in the rain, tracking animals and finding water.
  • Moreover, Old Joe and his men were between the Yankees and Atlanta, and everyone knew that, next to General Lee himself, there was no greater general than Johnston, now that Stonewall Jackson was dead.
  • Moreover, many of them were dying, dying swiftly, silently, having little strength left to combat the blood poisoning, gangrene, typhoid and pneumonia which had set in before they could reach Atlanta and a doctor.
  • Moreover, he usually brought her some little gift from Nassau which he assured her he had purchased especially for her and blockaded in at risk of his life— papers of pins and needles, buttons, spools of silk thread and hairpins.
  • Moreover she was far from well.
  • Moreover, he’s nervous and timid and well meaning, and I don’t know of any more damning qualities a man can have.
  • Moreover, she had always thought Ashley’s son should have been named after him.
  • Moreover, what Frank had said about the sawmill stuck in her mind.
  • Moreover the lie she had told Frank had never weighed heavily upon her conscience.
  • Moreover, he looked as if he were ashamed to be working convicts and he had little to say to her these days.
  • Moreover, their families would be proud of them through countless generations.
  • Moreover, no matter how many spittoons she might put out in view, the rugs always showed signs of tobacco juice on the mornings after.
  • Moreover, how could she tell Ashley that she had denied herself to Rhett, because of his wishes?
  • Moreover, it embarrassed her to remember that Rhett had comforted her in much the same manner he comforted Bonnie.
  • Naturally, Peter wasn’t there for she had given Aunt Pitty no warning of her coming and, moreover, she remembered that one of the old lady’s letters had dealt tearfully with the death of the old nag Peter had " ’quired" in Macon to bring her back to Atlanta after the surrender.
  • I don’t believe I could bear her vaporings three times a day and, moreover, I believe Uncle Peter would assassinate me before he would let me live under the sacred Hamilton roof.
  • But there is no necessity now for such conduct on your part, as I know Captain Butler is in quite comfortable circumstances and is, moreover, fully capable of managing for you any business and property you may own.

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  • The company has too much debt. Moreover, it is responsible for a long term lease on expensive office space.
  • Many graduates have high college debt. Moreover too many of them haven’t found good-paying jobs.

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