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Gone with the Wind
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gall -- as in: had the gall to
Used In
Gone with the Wind
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  • I’d have nightmares thinking they were being ridden with saddle galls and not groomed properly.
  • And to think that Rhett would have the gall to look a decent woman in the face after being with that creature!
  • Ashamed that she was poor and reduced to galling shifts and penury and work that negroes should do.
  • When he returned he had a small limb of a tree in his hand and he laid it mercilessly across the horse’s galled back.
  • His back was raw with sores and harness galls and he breathed as no sound horse should.
  • Without sugar or cream it was bitter as gall, for the sorghum used for "long sweetening" did little to improve the taste.
  • And on top of it all, he had the consummate gall to stand here in the road and insult her with his infamous proposals.
  • I know I’ve got gall asking for Miss Suellen now when I haven’t a cent but—well, it’s this way.
  • How have you the gall to face me?
  • I’ve toted lots of weary loads but this is going to be the heaviest and most galling load I’ve ever toted.
  • Rhett’s words and the children’s reactions opened her eyes to a startling, a galling truth.
  • She remembered her helplessness and her panic at her helplessness and her hatred of the Yankees who had imposed this galling system upon the South.
  • Somehow the bright beauty had gone from the April afternoon and from her heart as well and the sad sweetness of remembering was as bitter as gall.
  • You have the gall to stand there and boast to me, your wife, that—
  • I don’t see how you have the gall to face me!" she cried.
  • He had the gall—the—" Tony spluttered helplessly, "to say niggers had a right to—to—white women."

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  • She had the gall to ask for a raise.
  • all the greed and all the gall Is boiled away for once and all.
    Roald Dahl  --  Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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