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Gone with the Wind
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Gone with the Wind
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  • "No," she cried vehemently, jerking away.
  • If Gerald caught her climbing a fence instead of walking half a mile to a gate, or sitting too late on the front steps with a beau, he castigated her personally and with vehemence, but he did not mention the fact to Ellen or to Mammy.
  • She started to speak, but Mammy shook her head vehemently and raising her apron dabbed at her red eyes.
  • I won’t let them do it, thought Scarlett vehemently.
  • What a fool I am, she thought vehemently.
  • She wasn’t a rogue, she told herself vehemently.
  • From without, houses looked black and silent and wrapped in sleep but, within, voices whispered vehemently into the dawn.
  • Atlanta ladies vehemently told their husbands that they did not care a rap what the Yankees thought.
  • "I hate to hear you talk like that, Ashley," she said vehemently.
  • Damn him, thought Scarlett, vehemently.
  • It can’t be true, she thought vehemently, trying to push back the fear.
  • While she watched him, Archie turned suddenly toward the fire and spat a stream of tobacco juice on it with such vehemence that India, Melanie and Pitty leaped as though a bomb had exploded.
  • But your smartness and your success don’t give people the right to say that you and Ashley— Stars above!" The soft vehemence of this last ejaculation would have been, upon a man’s lips, profanity of no uncertain meaning.
  • Mammy, in particular, declared vehemently that she had never even been a yard nigger.

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  • She shakes her head vehemently.
    Sabaa Tahir  --  An Ember in the Ashes
  • Marcia shook her head vehemently.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Longest Ride

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