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Gone with the Wind
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sallow -- as in: a sallow complexion
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Gone with the Wind
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  • Jonas Wilkerson, hat in hand, stood beside her, his sallow tight-skinned face hardly concealing the fury of hate that possessed him at being so unceremoniously turned out of the best overseer’s job in the County.
  • Old and young, talkative and taciturn, rich planter and sallow Cracker, they all had two things in common, lice and dysentery.
  • He had the sallow malarial face of the south Georgia Cracker, pale pinkish hair and washed-out blue eyes which even in delirium were patient and mild.
  • Now Jonas shook with a fury equal to Scarlett’s and his sallow face was as red as an angry turkey gobbler’s.
  • He was thin and sallow faced and his yellow eyes were watery and sunken in creases of loose flesh.
  • Their faces beneath their sun-bonnets were sallow and malariallooking but shining clean and their freshly ironed calicoes glistened with starch.
  • India leaped to her feet, red flooding her sallow face.

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  • The illness has sallowed her face
  • She was a thin, sallow, sickly, and nervous woman
    Leo Tolstoy  --  Anna Karenina

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