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For Whom the Bell Tolls
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For Whom the Bell Tolls
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  • Even Fascists whom we must kill.
  • Since I have understood fascism.
  • It was a Fascist Patrol coming home.
  • By the Republic or by the Fascists?
  • No I am an anti-fascist.
  • If it were by the Fascists all would know of it.
  • From these planes obviously the Fascists are preparing to meet it.
  • But most had flails obtained from the store of Don Guillermo Martin, who was a fascist and sold all sorts of agricultural implements.
  • Down and up and down leads only to the road and the towns of the Fascists.
  • Were there no other fascists in the village?
  • Que va, were there no other fascists?
  • The fascists were all held in the Ayuntamiento, the city hall, which was the largest building on one side of the plaza.
  • It was there the clock was set in the wall and it was in the buildings under the arcade that the club of the fascists was.
  • Then Pablo ordered the priest to confess the fascists and give them the necessary sacraments.
  • ’We thresh fascists today,’ said one, ’and out of the chaff comes the freedom of this pueblo.’
  • He sat down in it and rolled himself a cigarette, all the time watching the fascists who were praying with the priest.
  • ’You didn’t like it about the priest?’ because I knew he hated priests even worse than he hated fascists.
  • Three days later when the fascists took the town.
  • You did not see the father fall as Pilar made him see the fascists die in that story she had told by the stream.
  • When the fascists purified the town they shot first the father.
  • It cost the fascists one engine and killed a few troops but they all talk as though it were the high point of the war.
  • By a mixacle of laziness and stupidity of the fascists which they will remedy in time.
  • It was Don Federico Gonzalez, who owned the mill and feed store and was a fascist of the first order.
  • Don Guillermo was a fascist but otherwise there Was nothing against him.
  • He was a fascist, too, from the religiousness of his wife which he accepted as his own due to his love for her.
  • The man who was being pushed out by Pablo and Cuatro Dedos was Don Anastasio Rivas, who was an undoubted fascist and the fattest man in the town.
  • And then, when the plaza was nicely moistened and the dust settled, the lines formed up again and a peasant shouted, ’When do we get the first fascist?
  • Returning in the dark we encountered a fascist patrol and as we ran he was shot high in the back but without hitting any bone except the shoulder blade.
  • That was the end of the killing of the fascists in our town and I was glad I did not see more of it and, but for that drunkard, I would have seen it all.
  • Lying on his back, he saw them, a fascist patrol of three Fiats, tiny, bright, fast-moving across the mountain sky, headed in the direction from which Anselmo and he had come yesterday.
  • Don Guillermo’s house was no house, since he had not much money and was only a fascist to be a snob and to console himself that he must work for little, running a wooden-implement shop.
  • But we can educate the people so that they will fear fascism and recognize it as it appears and combat it.
  • It was Don Jose Castro, whom every one called Don Pepe, a confirmed fascist, and a dealer in horses, and he stood up now small, neat-looking even unshaven and wearing a pajama top tucked into a pair of gray-striped trousers.
  • To obscenity with all fascism good.
  • Certainly if the fascists were to be executed by the people, it was better for all the people to have a part in it, and I wished to share the guilt as much as any, just as I hoped to share in the benefits when the town should be ours.
  • Yes, he knew that it would be, from the things that happened in the parts the fascists had already taken.
  • The fascists are warm, he thought, and they are comfortable, and tomorrow night we will kill them.
  • Those men are not fascists.
  • But are there not many fascists in your country?
  • There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes.
  • Do you know where there are no fascists?
  • And if all had killed the fascists as I did we would not have this war.
  • Those were fascists you killed.
  • "We could sell him to the fascists," the gypsy said.
  • Why not turn him over to El Sordo and let El Sordo sell him to the fascists?
  • "The fascists would pay nothing for him anyway," Primitivo said.
  • The fascists had plenty of McClellans and we had at least three of them.
  • The fascists had attacked and we had stopped them on that slope in the gray rocks, the scrub pines and the gorse of the Guadarrama hillsides.
  • But they were in communication with the fascists, weren’t they?
  • "You will have a breath that will carry through the forest to the fascists," Agustan said, his own mouth full.
  • How many of those you have killed have been real fascists?
  • And of those how many were real fascists?
  • "The fascists will do that," the man with his chin in the dirt said.
  • That was in the great days of Pablo when he scourged the country like a tartar and no fascist post was safe at night.
  • He was a very good fascist; a true Spanish fascist.
  • He was a very good fascist; a true Spanish fascist.
  • There was one fairly good brain and there was a little fascist money.
  • How do you like it behind the fascist lines?
  • But in the fascist periodicals it says there are hundreds of thousands.
  • Every fascist dead is a fascist less.
  • Every fascist dead is a fascist less.
  • In my right the fascist papers.
  • He had a rude way of speaking and he was undoubtedly a fascist and a member of their club and he sat at noon and at evening in the cane chairs of their club to read El Debate, to have his shoes shined, and to drink vermouth and seltzer and eat roasted almonds, dried shrimps, and anchovies.
  • Only near the Ayuntamiento, where the priest was complying with his duties with the fascists, was there any ribaldry, and that came from those worthless ones who, as I said, were already drunk and were crowded around the windows shouting obscenities and jokes in bad taste in through the iron bars of the windows.
  • There was much pushing now and the chairs and the tables of the fascists’ cafe had been overturned except for one table on which a drunkard was lying with his head hanging down and his mouth open and I picked up a chair and set it against one of the pillars and mounted on it so that I could see over the heads of the crowd.
  • I have sent a cable describing the wickedness of that infamous organization of Trotskyite murderers and their fascist machinations all beneath contempt but, between us, it is not very serious, the P.O.U.M. Nin was their only man.
  • The drunkards were handing around bottles of anis and cognac that they had looted from the bar of the club of the fascists, drinking them down like wine, and many of the men in the lines were beginning to be a little drunk, too, from drinking after the strong emotion of Don Benito, Don Federico, Don Ricardo and especially Don Faustino.
  • I am no fascist but a guerrillero from the band of Pablo.
  • What barbarians these fascists are!
  • But perhaps the fascists were faking for another offensive down through Guadalajara with them.
  • And how can the world be made better if there are no children of us who fight against the fascists?
  • All day the fascists have been fighting among themselves near Segovia.
  • Something about the fascists fighting among themselves.
  • "It was probably the fascists having manoeuvres," the General grinned.
  • The fascists held the crests of the hills here.
  • The fascists attacked and made our decision for us.
  • "All these fascists are the same," the other voice said.
  • We’ve killed more fascists than the typhus.
  • "How goes it in the country of the fascists?" the man commanding asked.
  • But he doesn’t kill fascists like we do.
  • That Golz should be in such obvious communication with the fascists.
  • But remember this that as long as we can hold them here we keep the fascists tied up.
  • What about those fascist planes?
  • Then there was a valley that no one held except for a fascist post in a farmhouse with its outbuildings and its barn that they had fortified.
  • If there was no war I would go with Eladio to get crayfish from that stream back there by the fascist post.
  • Then the voice came, "Listen, fascist."
  • "I am not a fascist," Andres shouted.
  • Any fascist could invent such a mission.
  • "From behind the fascist lines," Gomez said.
  • What do you behind the fascist lines?
  • Then by the sloth of a bureaucratic fascist.
  • Yes, I heard him say you came from the fascist lines.
  • And now this dispatch from the fascist lines.
  • This comrade has brought it through the fascist lines to give to Comrade General Golz.
  • He would take the fascist communication at once to Varloff.
  • There have been reports of fighting there behind the fascist lines.
  • There were three bodies on the slope just below him where they had fallen when the fascists had rushed the crest under cover of the automatic rifle and submachine gunfire and he and the others had broken down the attack by throwing and rolling down hand grenades.
  • If our father had not been a Republican both Eladio and I would be soldiers now with the fascists and if one were a soldier with them then there would be no problem.
  • But the Republicans would have had to carry the hay up the steep Guadarrama slope that rose beyond the meadow and the fascists did not need it, I suppose, he thought.
  • Until he had reached the Republican lines he had travelled across country and through the fascist lines as fast as a countryman in good physical condition who knew the country well could travel in the dark.
  • And besides, he told himself, as one who suddenly remembers that there will be pleasure too in an engagement only the onerous aspects of which he has been considering, and besides I will enjoy the killing of some fascists.
  • They were two tank drivers and a flyer who were too bad to be moved, and since, at that time, it was of the greatest importance that there should be no evidence of any Russian intervention to justify an open intervention by the fascists, it was Karkov’s responsibility that these wounded should not fall into the hands of the fascists in case the city should be abandoned.
  • They were two tank drivers and a flyer who were too bad to be moved, and since, at that time, it was of the greatest importance that there should be no evidence of any Russian intervention to justify an open intervention by the fascists, it was Karkov’s responsibility that these wounded should not fall into the hands of the fascists in case the city should be abandoned.
  • Later that night when they had the last houses on the hill, he lay comfortable behind a brick wall with a hole knocked in the bricks for a loophole and looked across the beautiful level field of fire they had between them and the ridge the fascists had retired to and thought, with a comfort that was almost voluptuous, of the rise of the hill with the smashed villa that protected the left flank.
  • Then below it there is the book fair where along the sidewalks there are hundreds of booths with second-hand books in them and now, since the movement, there are many books, stolen in the looting of the houses which have been bombed and from the houses of the fascists, and brought to the book fair by those who stole them.
  • He had not arrived in Madrid until January and while Robert Jordan had fought at Carabanchel and at Usera in those three days when they stopped the right wing of the fascist attack on Madrid and drove the Moors and the Tercio back from house to house to clear that battered suburb on the edge of the gray, sun-baked plateau and establish a line of defense along the heights that would protect that corner of the city, Karkov had been in Madrid.
  • They will revolt against the government when they see that they are threatened, exactly as the fascists have done here," Primitivo said.
  • "Rouse him, you fascist bastard," he said.
  • "Come on, you big gray fascist bastard," Robert Jordan said to the horse and put him down the slope in a sliding plunge.
  • A cock crowed at the farmhouse that was the fascist post and as he walked along the stream he looked back and saw, through the trunks of the poplars, a light showing at the lower edge of one of the windows of the farmhouse.

  • There are no more uses of "fascism" in the book.

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  • She compares terrorists to fascists, saying they have the same will for power and disdain for individual liberty and worth.
  • The Germans were already in the town, the Fascists were already in power, the verdict had already been pronounced, yet the Jews of Sighet continued to smile.
    Elie Wiesel  --  Night

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