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The Return of the King
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The Return of the King
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  • ...suddenly a look of dismay came over his face.
  • He would not be dismayed.
  • He laughed again, seeing the dismay in Pippin’s face.
  • Ten thousand spears I might have sent riding over the plain to the dismay of your foes.
  • ’Where is Faramir?’ cried Beregond in dismay.
  • Then they went on through the Citadel gate, where the sentinel stared at them in wonder and dismay as they passed by.
  • But Eomer leaped from the saddle, and grief and dismay fell upon him as he came to the king’s side and stood there in silence.
  • He whistled in dismay.
  • As it went it sent out a long shrill cry, the voice of a Nazgul; but this cry no longer held any terror for them: it was a cry of woe and dismay, ill tidings for the Dark Tower.
  • And looking thither they cried in dismay; for black against the glittering stream they beheld a fleet borne up on the wind: dromunds, and ships of great draught with many oars, and with black sails bellying in the breeze.
  • To his dismay Sam realized that he had not got an answer to this.
  • And looking with dismay up the road towards Bag End they saw a tall chimney of brick in the distance.
  • Merry looked round in dismay and disgust.
  • The Messenger put these aside, and there to the wonder and dismay of all the Captains he held up first the short sword that Sam had carried, and next a grey cloak with an elven-brooch, and last the coat of mithril-mail that Frodo had worn wrapped in his tattered garments.
  • To the dismay of those that stood by, about the body of Saruman a grey mist gathered, and rising slowly to a great height like smoke from a fire, as a pale shrouded figure it loomed over the Hill.

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  • Don’t be dismayed. I have a solution.
  • Hope was replaced by dismay.

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