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The Return of the King
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The Return of the King
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  • The king summoned the captains to council.
  • But at that very moment a trumpet sounded, and a man came summoning him, the king’s esquire, to wait at the king’s board.
  • And I can give you news of another order: you will be summoned to the Lord Denethor early tomorrow.
  • Will they answer the summons, think you?
  • ’But I did not summon you,’ said Aragorn, ’save only in wish.
  • No, when the summons comes, not at sunrise.
  • Let us pass, and then come! I summon you to the Stone of Erech!
  • For this war will last through years uncounted, and you shall be summoned once again ere the end.
  • We rode as swiftly as we might when your summons came.
  • They have been summoned,’ said Elladan.
  • ’They answered a summons, as you heard,’ said Gimli.
  • You are summoned to the Lord of the City to learn your new duties.
  • Early in the morning the Council had been summoned.
  • ’The Red Arrow!’ said Theoden, holding it, as one who receives a summons long expected and yet dreadful when it comes.
  • Pippin left him and called for the servants, and they came: six men of the household, strong and fair; yet they trembled at the summons.
  • Merry waited to hear no more, but slipped away to get ready for the summons to the march.
  • But when Sauron returned and grew in might again, Isildur summoned the Men of the Mountains to fulfil their oath, and they would not: for they had worshipped Sauron in the Dark Years.
  • To the air he had returned, summoning his steed ere the darkness failed, and now he was come again, bringing ruin, turning hope to despair, and victory to death.
  • At his summons, wheeling with a rending cry, in a last desperate race there flew, faster than the winds, the Nazgul the Ringwraiths, and with a storm of wings they hurtled southwards to Mount Doom.
  • Merry was summoned and rode away with the wains that took store of goods to Osgiliath and thence by ship to Cair Andros; but Faramir did not go, for now being healed he took upon him his authority and the Stewardship, although it was only for a little while, and his duty was to prepare for one who should replace him.

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  • I was summoned to the principal’s office.
  • I summoned all my courage and walked into the room.

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