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The Two Towers
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The Two Towers
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  • The misty lights wavered, dimmed, and went out.
  • There, near the fringe of the forest, tall spires of curling black smoke went up, wavering and floating towards them.
  • Though he could not catch or understand any of the words — he supposed the language was Entish — Pippin found the sound very pleasant to listen to at first; but gradually his attention wavered.
  • And plink! a silver drop falls, and the round wrinkles in the glass make all the towers bend and waver like weeds and corals in a grotto of the sea.
  • They wavered, broke, and fled back; and then charged again, broke and charged again; and each time, like the incoming sea, they halted at a higher point.
  • The Orcs upon the Rock, hearing the rumour of dismay, wavered and looked back.
  • All light went out of them, and they stared bleak and pale for a moment into the clear unwavering eyes of the man of Gondor.
  • He drew the sword, a flicker of blue in his wavering hand, but they did not see it.
  • Frodo’s hand wavered, and slowly the Phial drooped.
  • Paler indeed than the moon ailing in some slow eclipse was the light of it now, wavering and blowing like a noisome exhalation of decay, a corpse-light, a light that illuminated nothing.
  • They wavered.

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  • Through good times and bad her love for him has never wavered.
  • We are looking for someone who won’t waver when things get tough.

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