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The Two Towers
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The Two Towers
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  • We cannot leave him lying like carrion among these foul Orcs.
  • ’That is so,’ said Wormtongue; ’but there is a third kind: pickers of bones, meddlers in other men’s sorrows, carrion-fowl that grow fat on war.
  • And the people were troubled in their minds; for the heaps of carrion were too great for burial or for burning.
  • ’The carrion-fowl have been busy about the battle-field,’ said Eomer.
  • Must we pass this way, where the carrion-beasts devour so many good Riders of the Mark?
  • They are like great carrion birds.
  • ’He’s nothing but carrion now.
  • Carrion! Is that all you know of Her Ladyship?

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  • The vultures must see carrion.
  • The plant attracts flies by smelling like carrion.

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