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The Fellowship of the Ring
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The Fellowship of the Ring
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  • But you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.
  • I do not know the reason for your flight, and therefore I do not know by what means your pursuers will assail you.
  • You must go — and therefore we must, too.
  • Now, therefore, things shall be openly spoken that have been hidden from all but a few until this day.
  • "This I will have as weregild for my father, and my brother," he said; and therefore whether we would or no, he took it to treasure it.
  • For few, I deem, know of our deeds, and therefore guess little of their peril, if we should fail at last.
  • Therefore I went first to meet him and hear his tale.
  • Therefore it must be shunned.
  • Therefore my brother, seeing how desperate was our need, was eager to heed the dream and seek for Imladris; but since the way was full of doubt and danger, I took the journey upon myself.
  • Therefore Boromir will also be in the Company.
  • Therefore I advise that we should go neither over the mountains, nor round them, but under them.
  • Therefore we should leave by the eastern arch of the hall, and bear right and south, and go downwards.
  • Therefore they were called the Galadhrim, the Tree-people.
  • They heard my voice across the Nimrodel, and knew that I was one of their Northern kindred, and therefore they did not hinder our crossing; and afterwards they heard my song.
  • Though you have been our guests,’ said Celeborn, ’you have not yet eaten with us, and we bid you, therefore, to a parting feast, here between the flowing waters that will bear you far from Lorien.

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  • Kim is taller than Ashley. Ashley is taller than Anna. Therefore, Kim is taller than Anna.
  • It has not been approved for use in this country. Therefore, you cannot buy it here.

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