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Ender's Game
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unspecified meaning
  • Turn it on and off, change the direction, maybe reflect it.
  • Maybe tear big chunks out of them by reflecting the planet’s own gravity back on itself, only from another direction, and focused down to a smaller point.

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  • The stories are true, in the sense that they reflect the reality of the child’s life.
  • And always the dream ended with a mirror or a pool of water or the metal surface of a ship, something that would reflect his face back to him.
  • They were practically on top of it. only four thousand kilometers out. but Eros, only twenty-four kilometers long, was invisible if it didn’t shine with reflected sunlight.

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as in: reflect in the mirror Define
show an image back (on a mirror or other shiny surface)
as in: reflect American Values Define
represent, demonstrate, or express
as in: I want to reflect on it. Define
think carefully -- possibly aloud or in writing
as in: reflect poorly on the school Define
influence opinion
as in: reflect the light/heat/sound Define
bounce back (rather than absorbing)
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