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Ender's Game
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unspecified meaning
  • If he doesn’t start talking in fifteen minutes, call me.
  • He got back to Miss Pumphrey’s class only fifteen minutes before the closing bell.

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  • A voice over the speaker told them they were approaching the school; it took twenty minutes to decelerate and dock.
  • Dinner in seven minutes.
  • Ender’s message expired after five minutes.
  • In twenty minutes, everyone in the room was frozen except Ender, Bernard, Shen, and Alai.
  • You had just as many minutes flapping around like drunken ducks.
  • Rabbit Army just went in, and it takes a few minutes to change to the next battleroom.
  • Ender knew that the color change lasted less than two minutes.
  • It was clear, after only five or six minutes, that Salamander Army could not defeat the enemy by attacking.

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  • In a few minutes it was over.
  • The next two battles were easy Salamander victories; Ender came in after five minutes and remained untouched by the defeated enemy.
  • He did it for ten minutes or so before he reached another wall.
  • But you will not pass through the gate until four full minutes after the beginning of the game, and then you will remain at the gate, with your weapon undrawn and unfired, until such time as the game ends.
  • I’ll be back with him in fifteen minutes.
  • After three minutes, though many of them still weren’t dressed, he ordered them out of the room.
  • Three minutes from first call to running out the door. that’s the rule this week.
  • Next week the rule is two minutes.
  • In three minutes his toon leaders reported the room clean.
  • "It’s 0715," Ender said, "and that means you have fifteen minutes for breakfast before I see you all in the battleroom for the morning practice."
  • Half an hour for breakfast, and no shower after a battle. it was still stingy, but it would look lenient compared to fifteen minutes.
  • And Ender liked having the announcement of the extra fifteen minutes come from the toon leaders.
  • I’ll thaw the flash suits every three minutes.
  • He would enter the commanders’ mess about ten minutes late.
  • BONZO MADRID, SALAMANDER ARMY, 1200 "That’s ten minutes from now," said Ender.
  • He got to his army’s barracks five minutes later.
  • They gave Bonzo notice about twenty minutes ago, and by the time we get to the door they’ll have been inside for a good five minutes at least.
  • They gave Bonzo notice about twenty minutes ago, and by the time we get to the door they’ll have been inside for a good five minutes at least.
  • A message paraded around the desk: SEE ME AT ONCE ENDER The time was 2150, only ten minutes before lights out.
  • There was a new wrinkle in the game, too. when they disabled or damaged an enemy, he thawed in about five minutes, the way it worked in practice.
  • "They must have been putting that together for all five minutes," said Momoe.
  • Bean flopped down on his bunk in utter exhaustion. half the boys in the barracks were already asleep, and it was still fifteen minutes before lights out.
  • Three meters wasn’t enough room to work in, the boys were frightened and confused, and it took nearly five minutes just to get them to understand what they were doing.
  • They won, of course, but it was a grueling affair, with the battleroom so filled with a labyrinth of stars that hunting down the enemy during mop-up took fortyfive minutes.
  • For a few minutes there, it actually occurred to me to wonder what kind of a man would heal a broken child of some of his hurt, just so he could throw him back into battle again.
  • He had only been there a few minutes when someone knocked on his door.
  • Your shuttle leaves in twenty minutes.
  • The computer-controlled enemy was devious and powerful, and whenever Ender tried a tactic he found the computer using it against him within minutes.
  • Once he awoke for a few minutes with something pressing his hand, pushing downward on it, with a dull, insistent pain.
  • It took him only a few minutes now to call for the squadron leaders that he needed, assign them to certain ships or groups of ships, and give them their assignments.
  • After a few minutes of battle, however, Ender whispered to his squadron leaders once more, and suddenly a dozen of the remaining fighters formed again into a formation.
  • He would routinely reorient the simulator every few minutes, rotating it so that he didn’t get trapped into an up-down orientation, constantly reviewing his position from the enemy point of view.
  • Astrogation and military history he absorbed like water; abstract mathematics was more difficult, but whenever he was given a problem that involved patterns in space and time, he found that his intuition was more reliable than his calculation. he often saw at once a solution that he could only prove after minutes or hours of manipulating numbers.
  • He saw that the toons were oriented to follow instructions, then added, "And you, pinprick, wait four minutes, then come just inside the door.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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