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unspecified meaning
  • "I enjoy watching the flights of birds on Arrakis," the banker said, directing his words at Jessica.
  • The original Bene Gesserit school was directed by those who saw the need of a thread of continuity in human affairs.

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  • Field personnel will direct them.
  • But surely Leto will know whose hand directed the pliant doctor . and knowing that will be a terrible thing.
  • It was simple, clever, and direct.
  • Piter took five curiously mincing steps into the room, stopped directly behind Feyd-Rautha.
  • Then why haven’t you directed the doctor to slip a kindjal between his ribs quietly and efficiently?
  • He’ll direct more anger against himself over this than both of us together could pour on him.
  • He might’ve come directly from the Arrakeen labor pool.
  • Paul continued to back, but now he directed his retreat toward the exercise table.

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  • Paul’s question had been direct and pertinent.
  • At the windows directly ahead of her stood Dr. Yueh, his back to her, his attention fixed upon the outside world.
  • Paul directed a parry downward, turned, saw Halleck’s rapier catch against the table’s edge.
  • She directed the point toward Mapes, saw a fear greater than death-panic come over the woman.
  • Paul directed his attention to the cliffs, thinking: And it couldn’t be Gurney . or Duncan.
  • -from "Manual of Muad’Dib" by the Princess Irulan The Duke found Thufir Hawat alone in the corner room to which a guard directed him.
  • They directed the term at the young master.
  • The Duke’s attention was directed out the windows at the landing field and its roiling of dust against the morning sky.
  • The Duke directed a questioning glance down at Jessica.
  • Kynes directed a speculative look at Jessica, gave a subtle hand signal to Tuek.
  • She was directed to lead the conversation this way, Jessica thought.
  • Kynes can sit up front with me to direct me.
  • As Planetologist and Judge of the Change, I am a direct subject of the Imperium . my Lord.
  • He causeth that creature’s wants to direct him to that place.
  • There are things here behind the Harkonnen veil that bear close investigation, and not all of those things are directly involved with the spice.
  • He jabbed a finger at an escort ’thopter directly behind him.
  • "Sometimes the Duke sent the ring with a messenger as surety that an order came directly from him," Yueh said.
  • These people and their disconcerting directness!
  • Some were directing their ferocity toward the empty hall that stretched away toward the noises around the corner to their right.
  • There was no doubt in Paul’s mind who had put the Fremkit there, who had directed the course of the ’thopter carrying them captive.
  • The word had such a strange sound when directed at him.
  • As Paul directed the foam barrier, Jessica dug with her hands, hurling the sand down the slope.
  • He led the way through past a dark honeycomb lattice that directed a cool wash of air across Paul when he passed it.
  • Piter will use simple, direct methods.
  • The way to control and direct a Mentat, Nefud, is through his information.
  • How direct his thinking, she thought.
  • The plan Thufir Hawat had devised was admirably simple and direct, Feyd-Rautha thought.
  • The traitor doctor had sent them directly into the hands of Duncan Idaho.
  • A file of plodding figures emerged from a break in the opposite cliff, headed directly across the sink.
  • He looked up at the cliff almost directly at the rock ledge where Paul crouched.
  • He felt a soft breeze from an air duct, saw the outlet cunningly hidden in a pattern of hangings directly ahead of him.
  • The old woman studied Paul in one gestalten flicker: face oval like Jessica’s, but strong bones . hair: the Duke’s black-black but with browline of the maternal grandfather who cannot be named, and that thin, disdainful nose; shape of directly staring green eyes: like the old Duke, the paternal grandfather who is dead.
  • PROCTOR SUPERIOR: a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother who is also regional director of a B.G. school.
  • SPICE DRIVER: any Dune man who controls and directs movable machinery on the desert surface of Arrakis.
  • Kynes returned to his Imperial chores, directing the Biological Testing Stations.
  • She saw Paul’s eyes directed beyond her, turned.
  • For I direct his attention where I want it — against the Imperium.
  • "In the direct path — on the landing field and across the spice storage yards of the plain — extensive damage," Gurney said.
  • A direct and simple man in many ways, Pardot Kynes.
  • Kynes — direct, savagely intent Kynes — knew that highly organized research is guaranteed to produce nothing new.
  • Vladimir Harkonnen is the direct-line male descendant of the Bashar Abulurd Harkonnen who was banished for cowardice after the Battle of Corrin.
  • Do it simply and directly — nothing fancy.
  • The note pointed directly at —
  • The Reverend Mother sat alone directly opposite the entrance.
  • His mind went directly to the free-moving human population, the Fremen.
  • The burrow mound of a worm could be seen in the middle distance, a dust-crowned track that cut directly through the dunes on a course toward the ridge.
  • ’There’ used in this way translates directly from the Fremen mythology as the land of the ruh-spirit, the alam al-mithal where all limitations are removed.
  • The most common example is the Hymn to Water, a direct copy from the Orange Catholic Liturgical Manual, calling for rain clouds which Arrakis had never seen.
  • It may be argued that the Bene Gesserit could examine only such facts as were available to them and had no direct access to the person of the Prophet Muad’Dib.
  • But both of these interpretations can be shown to stem directly from the Commentaries: "When law and religious duty are one, your selfdom encloses the universe."
  • It remained a foreign room, as though she had never walked here, never walked here with her beloved Leto, never confronted a drunken Duncan Idaho here — never, never, never . There should be a word-tension directly opposite to adab, the demanding memory, she thought.
  • "He spoke directly to Jessica: "Do you bring the shortening of the way?"
  • Halleck stirred, spoke as though to no one in particular, directing his words over the heads of the guests across from him: "In our society, people shouldn’t be quick to take offense.
  • She recognized that his question was directed at her pregnancy, said: "Your sister won’t be born for many months yet.
  • He looked directly at the Emperor, spoke with deliberate lack of emphasis: "We have been friends, Majesty.
  • (A few of the Bene Gesserit had long been aware that the Guild could not interfere directly with the vital spice source because Guild navigators already were dealing in their own inept way with higher order dimensions, at least to the point where they recognized that the slightest misstep they made on Arrakis could be catastrophic.

  • There are no more uses of "direct" in the book.

To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: walked directly to work Define
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
as in: directly above; or buy direct from Define
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
as in: was direct in my instructions Define
straightforward (clear and explicit -- perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
as in: directed her question to Define
aim or focus
as in: directed the jury to... Define
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
as in: directed the movie Define
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)
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