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unspecified meaning
  • It’s susceptible to various interpretations.
  • The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable—slightly euphoric.

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  • "There could be many interpretations for your concern," Hawat said.
  • It takes an instant to interpret a known thing when that thing is exposed as something unknown.
  • I can take him, Jessica thought, but that might conflict with the way they interpret the legend.
  • And the Baron would interpret the events in the arena only one way—threat to himself.
  • As the import of Feyd-Rautha’s gesture penetrated to the most distant seats, as the people saw the handlers carrying off the dead gladiator intact, the Baron watched them and realized she had interpreted the reaction correctly.
  • DAR AL-HIKMAN: school of religious translation or interpretation.
  • Some interpreted this as a sign from God, an omen of unity.
  • Strict interpretation depends on context.

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  • But both of these interpretations can be shown to stem directly from the Commentaries: "When law and religious duty are one, your selfdom encloses the universe."
  • The Kwisatz Haderach that the Sisterhood sought through its breeding program was interpreted as "The shortening of the way" or "The one who can be two places simultaneously."
  • It is when we get into Muad’Dib’s own commentaries in "The Pillars of the Universe" as interpreted by his holy men, the Qizara Tafwid, that we see his real debt to C.E.T. and Fremen-Zensunni.
  • An interpretation I’ve considered," Hawat said.
  • Halloway’s label for C.E.T.’s seven-year effort — "Galactophasic Determinism" — was snapped up by eager billions who interpreted the initials G.D. as "God-Damned."

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as in: interpret Spanish to English Define
to translate words into spoken words of another language (This word is used in place of translate when the translation is done real-time, or on-the-fly, or immediately as needed.)
as in: her interpretation of the data Define
to understand or explain something in a particular way -- often the meaning or significance of something
as in: her musical interpretation Define
express personal artistic ideas or feelings while performing (or performing to) someone else's work
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