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unspecified meaning
  • His mind focused on the dread Imperial troops, the killers without mercy, the soldier fanatics of the Padishah Emperor.
  • Now, all eyes in the room could focus on the motionless surface and see that it was the kind of globe made for wealthy collectors or planetary governors of the Empire.

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  • Paul nodded, his eyes and awareness focusing on this odd woman in a sack-like dress of bondsman brown.
  • But even as he focused on this thought, his new awareness denied it.
  • And he realized there was no single and precise thing that brought her beauty to focus.
  • Jessica crossed to his side, looked to the left toward the front of the house where Yueh’s attention was focused.
  • An ornithopter replaced the carryall in the projection focus.
  • He saw that she hadn’t been listening to him, focused on her words, wondering: Yes—why didn’t she make him do this?
  • Paul held himself apart from the humor, his attention focused on the projection and the question that filled his mind.
  • The others grasped their flagons, all eyes focused on the Duke.

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  • He had focused on the code word: garment.
  • Jessica focused her mind on lasguns, wondering.
  • She closed her eyes, focused her awareness onto the approaching footsteps.
  • The toe was aimed with a precision that did credit to his long years of training, as though all of that training focused on this instant.
  • His attention focused on the distant Shield Wall where his secret weapon was doing its work.
  • A guard stood at the open rear door of the house, his attention focused on the lighted hall and men banging through there, searching from room to room.
  • Their attention was focused, too, on the mother, because they had heard she was a Bene Gesserit and it was obvious to them that she was like the other Lisan al-Gaib.
  • All the special training from Hawat and his mother — the mnemonics, the focusing of awareness, the muscle control and sharpening of sensitivities, the study of languages and nuances of voices — all of it clicked into a new kind of understanding in his mind.
  • Kynes fastened his harness, focused on the padded comfort of the aircraft—soft luxury of gray-green upholstery, gleaming instruments, the sensation of filtered and washed air in his lungs as doors slammed and vent fans whirred alive.
  • He shook his head sharply, focusing his attention on the evidences that spoke of profound depth and breadth in this Fremen culture that had swallowed them.
  • She rested her hand on her abdomen, awareness focused on the embryo there.
  • He felt her hands holding him, focused on the dim outline of her face.
  • Paul focused on the glowing globe within the attitude curve, fought his craft back to level flight.
  • The Baron shifted his gross body in the suspensors, focused his attention on an ebaline statue of a leaping boy in a niche across the room.
  • Paul focused on the ’thopter’s launching, shook his head to clear it.
  • She focused on her weariness, the muscle ache that dulled her senses.
  • The desert night focused upward with a feeling of lift toward the stars.
  • Jessica focused on his action, but her mind felt blank with fatigue and the aftermath of terror.
  • Her mind focused on the value of this troop, seeing what was revealed here about the Fremen culture.
  • She lifted her binoculars from beneath her robe, focused the oil lenses on the distant people.
  • Chani stood at one side, her eyes focused on Paul.
  • She focused on the words: "He gives moisture to the dead."
  • The young man focused his attention on the Count: a small man, weak-looking.
  • Feyd-Rautha focused all his awareness on the door.
  • The short blade was being forced inward inexorably, and Feyd-Rautha focused on the fact that a man could also die on an unpoisoned blade.
  • As he focused on this thought, Feyd-Rautha became conscious of the eruption of noise from the stands and galleries around him.
  • He focused on the fact that he had seen no clocks.
  • Now, Jessica felt herself at the focus of danger, knowing its presence in the watchfulness of the throng, in the silence.
  • He adjusted their internal pressure with a quick twist, focused the oil lenses on the other cliff lifting golden tan in morning light across open sand.
  • His mind focused on the storm as he had seen it begin through the transparent end of their stilltent—cold dribbles of sand crossing the basin, then runnels and tails furrowing the sky.
  • Everything focuses here where the spice is …. where they’ve dared not interfere before …. because to interfere was to lose what they must have.
  • They cannot dam the river and control it, because that focuses attention on what they take, it brings down eventual destruction.
  • Jessica ignored Chani’s approach, focusing all her attention on the woman in the litter—a crone, a wrinkled and shriveled ancient thing in a black gown with hood thrown back to reveal the tight knot of gray hair and the stringy neck.
  • And what he saw was a time nexus within this cave, a boiling of possibilities focused here, wherein the most minute action—the wink of an eye, a careless word, a misplaced grain of sand—moved a gigantic lever across the known universe.
  • But Jessica’s attention was focused on the revelation of the Water of Life, seeing its source: the liquid exhalation of a dying sandworm, a maker.
  • His eyes focused on her arm, the green band of mourning there.
  • Feyd-Rautha had his own spy system focused on the Baron.
  • Only part of his awareness focused on Paul’s ordering the smuggler crew disarmed until they could be questioned.
  • Bludgeoned by the terrible force of him, she closed her eyes and focused inward — the-direction-that-is-dark.
  • The oil lens was focused on a starship lighter exposed by dawn in the basin below them.
  • He kept his attention focused on Alia, studying her through slitted lids.
  • Keeping his eyes focused on her, he said: "Majesty, we both know the way out of our difficulty."
  • He sensed now that the universe focused on this moment.
  • Every talent within her focused on the need to protect her son, but there was nothing she could do.
  • And he sampled the time-winds, sensing the turmoil, the storm nexus that now focused on this moment place.
  • To Kynes, it was a ding-dong battle, more slapstick then real, until he focused on the fact that the Harkonnens intended to kill the Fremen.
  • It’s doubtful that Kynes even focused on his would-be executioner.
  • Kynes and his people turned their attention from these great relationships and focused now on micro-ecology.
  • There was another thing she had to do, she realized, but the drug made it difficult to focus.
  • The sensation mingled with the work of the drug, folding future and past into the present, leaving him the thinnest margin of trinocular focus.
  • He tried to focus on her, but past and future were merging into the present, blurring her image.
  • But Paul could only focus his attention on the inner eye and the gaps visible to him in the time-wall that still lay across his path.
  • But the words forced her to focus on the only thing that mattered to her here.
  • Jessica focused her attention on the Reverend Mother Ramallo, aware now that all this was happening in a frozen instant of time—suspended time for her alone.
  • Without even the safety valve of dreaming, he focused his prescient awareness, seeing it as a computation of most probable futures, but with something more, an edge of mystery—as though his mind dipped into some timeless stratum and sampled the winds of the future.
  • The Count focused on Paul, seeing with eyes his Lady Margot had trained in the Bene Gesserit way, aware of the mystery and hidden grandeur about this Atreides youth.
  • She focused on the psychokinesthetic extension of herself, looking within, and was confronted immediately with a cellular core, a pit of blackness from which she recoiled.
  • This realization returned a small measure of confidence, and again she ventured to focus on the psychokinesthetic extension, becoming a mote-self that searched within her for danger.
  • He checked the scorn on his tongue by a visible effort because it did not take a Guild navigator’s single-minded focus on the main chance to see the immediate future out on that plain.
  • Three quick breaths triggered the responses: he fell into the floating awareness …. focusing the consciousness …. aortal dilation …. avoiding the unfocused mechanism of consciousness …. to be conscious by choice …. blood enriched and swift-flooding the overload regions …. one does not obtain food-safety-freedom by instinct alone …. animal consciousness does not extend beyond the given moment nor into the idea that its victims may become extinct …. the animal destroys and does not…
  • …the idea that its victims may become extinct …. the animal destroys and does not produce …. animal pleasures remain close to sensation levels and avoid the perceptual …. the human requires a background grid through which to see his universe …. focused consciousness by choice, this forms your grid …. bodily integrity follows nerve-blood flow according to the deepest awareness of cell needs …. all things/cells/beings are impermanent …. strive for flow-permanence within …. Over and over…
  • But I thought Mentat training had to start during infancy and the subject couldn’t be told because it might inhibit the early …. " He broke off, all his past circumstances coming to focus in one flashing computation.
  • We’ve …. " He found himself losing focus, tried to shake his head, stumbled.

  • There are no more uses of "focus" in the book.

To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: Turn your focus to question #2. Define
concentrate or look at
as in: The focus of our study is... Define
where attention is concentrated
as in: bring into focus; or out of focus Define
a state where something has come into view or can be seen clearly (Typically this is said of the appearance of an image or picture, but it can also be said of an issue or something else that get's attention; or of an understanding that become clear.)
as in: The camera focuses automatically Define
to adjust a lens to make an image clear
technical usage Define
Technical usage typically involves some sense of center or concentration such as:
  • physics — a point of convergence such as the point where light rays meet
  • geometry — a fixed reference point (as of a parabola)
  • geology — the point of origin of an earthquake
See a comprehensive dictionary for other less common meanings.

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