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  • The fat hand moved, tracing details on the surface.
  • This latitude’s life-zone has mostly what we call minor water stealers—adapted to raiding each other for moisture, gobbling up the trace-dew.

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  • They’ve never found water traces there, anyway.
  • We find traces of hydrochloric acid in the ducts, more complicated acid forms elsewhere.
  • She was suddenly caught by the idea of genetic traces in her son’s features—her lines in eyes and facial outline, but sharp touches of the father peering through that outline like maturity emerging from childhood.
  • Gently, he traced the arm, exposed her face.
  • Leto watched the movements of the man’s hands: compulsive touchings—the edge of a plate, the handle of a spoon, a finger tracing the fold of a jowl.
  • The Baron noted the trace of semuta dullness in Nefud’s eyes.
  • Hawat can scan his food as he pleases and detect no trace of poison.
  • And even in this almost-random action there remained a trace of once-precise movement.

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  • The traces are there if you don’t blind yourself.
  • See that we leave no trace.
  • And she noted that the walls of the meter trough held no trace of moisture after the water’s passage.
  • (Certain gene traces in her facial structure were noted in the new way by his onflowing mind, the clues added to other data, and a final-summation answer put forward.) "Let go of me," he said.
  • Many have traced the extensive borrowings from other religions.
  • To accept it would require awakening fully into the terrible necessities of Arrakis where they must guard even fractional traces of moisture, hoarding the few drops in the tent’s catchpockets, begrudging a breath wasted on the open air.
  • Jessica studied Chani’s face—elfin features—seeing the traces of Liet-Kynes there as yet unfixed by time.
  • The Emperor cleared his throat to speak, but the child spoke first — a thin voice with traces of a soft-palate lisp, but clear nonetheless.
  • Hybrid Inglo-Slavic with strong traces of cultural-specialization terms adopted during the long chain of human migrations.
  • The air that came in to them held the chill not-quite-dryness that would precipitate trace dew in the dawn.
  • Paul remained silent, probing with his inner senses, examining the blood from the wound, finding a trace of soporific from the Emperor’s blade.
  • There’ll be never a trace left to detect!
  • There was that primary clue in the air balance — 23 per cent oxygen, 75.4 per cent nitrogen and .023 per cent carbon dioxide — with the trace gases taking up the rest.
  • Chani stood over him now, looking down on the soft beard of youth that framed his face, tracing with her eyes the high browline, the strong nose, the shuttered eyes — the features so peaceful in this rigid repose.
  • (The Azhar Book traces this in slightly different form to First Islam.) Muad’Dib: "Kindness is the beginning of cruelty.
  • (The Azhar Book traces this to the ancient Semitic Tawra.) Muad’Dib: "Reach forth thy hand and eat what God has provided thee; and when thou are replenished, praise the Lord.
  • (The Azhar Book traces this statement to the first century religious writer, Neshou; through a paraphrase.) Muad’Dib: "If a child, an untrained person, an ignorant person, or an insane person incites trouble, it is the fault of authority for not predicting and preventing that trouble.

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as in: found a trace of Define
a small quantity or indication (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
as in: trace the origin or development Define
to find, search, research, or keep track of (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
as in: trace a picture or outline Define
copy the lines of an image; or draw an outline; or carefully draw a specific pattern (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
as in: traced a path Define
to follow (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
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