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  • That peg tooth I put in your mouth after the tumble at Narcal—that tooth must be replaced, in a moment, I’ll render you unconscious and replace that tooth.
  • And he felt a wrenching sensation within his awareness as though he were trying to grasp some thing in motion and render it motionless.

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  • It was as though she had been rendered incapable of any emotion for her son.
  • It renders a person incapable of falsehood.
  • They’re going to render Arkie down for his water," the man with the lasgun snarled.
  • If this one’s been prepared, as I strongly suspect, that word uttered in his ear will render his muscles flaccid and —"

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as in: rendered service or a verdict Define
to give or supply something
as in: rendered her unconscious Define
to make or cause to become
as in: rendered with, or rendered from Define
to portray or create something in a particular way; or to interpret, translate, or extract from (see word notes for more detailed definitions based on context)
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