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Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl
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Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl
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  • However, during the third class he’d finally had enough.
  • However, he’d neglected to take his son’s curiosity into account.

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  • Deep down I know I could never be that innocent again, however much I’d like to be.
  • However, there’s reason for optimism.
  • In the meantime, however, the patient was getting restless, since she had to keep an eye on "her" soup and "her" food.
  • Nothing happened, however, and forty-five minutes later the all clear was sounded.
  • This time, however, something wonderful is going on.
  • When I was eleven, however, my treasure had to be tucked away again, because my sixth-grade teacher allowed us to use only school pens and inkpots.
  • However, Boche’s fat tummy turned out to be due to a bunch of stolen bones.
  • Boche, however, wasn’t receiving visitors at that hour, and was nowhere in sight.

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  • However, since I wanted him to go on talking quietly about himself, I hid my laughter, sat down on a cushion on the floor, wrapped my arms around my knees and gazed at him intently.
  • Today, however, I’ll devote an entire letter to politics.
  • The people who come from outside bring us a lot of news that later proves to be untrue; however, up to now our radio has never lied.
  • Now, however, we’re going through the most delightful period so far, because there are no vegetables at all.
  • By two-thirty, however, I was so tired I dozed off and didn’t hear a thing until three-thirty.
  • Let the end come, however cruel; at least then we’ll know whether we are to be the victors or the vanquished.
  • However, as you wrote, I do think of Peter as a kind of brother…. a younger brother; we’ve been sending out feelers, and a brotherly and sisterly affection mayor may not develop at some later date, but it’s certainly not reached that stage yet.
  • This time, however, instead of addressing me directly, she turned to my parents and said, "You must have a strange outlook on life to be able to say that to Anne.
  • However, I showed no sign of it and let Dussel finish: "But no, it’s impossible to talk to you.

  • There are no more uses of "however" in the book.

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as in: However, complications may... Define
despite that (Used to connect contrasting ideas. Other synonyms could include in spite of that, nevertheless, nonetheless, and on the other hand.)
as in: However much she tried... Define
to whatever degree (regardless of how much)
as in: However you do it, get it done! Define
in whatever way
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