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Angels & Demons
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Angels & Demons
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unspecified meaning
  • The Illuminati created a kind of ingenious map directing scientists to their sanctuary.
  • The director must be in one helluva a hurry to see you.

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  • The head of security must have a direct line to the Pope’s office.
  • As they walked, a Frisbee sailed overhead and skidded to a stop directly in front of them.
  • Then he called Commander Olivetti’s direct line.
  • He looked directly into Kohler’s dead eyes.
  • The director will meet you at this entrance.
  • You are here only because my commander received a direct order from the camerlegno.
  • So don’t look directly at the sample.
  • Maximilian Kohler, director general of CERN, was known behind his back as Konig-King.

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  • Don’t look directly at the canister?
  • Langdon had only been in Kohler’s presence a few moments and already sensed the director was a man who kept his distance.
  • Langdon’s eyes met the director’s.
  • Langdon studied CERN’s director, still trying to process the bizarre surroundings.
  • The director propelled his wheelchair back into the fog-filled living room.
  • He stared at the director and then turned and looked into the darkened tunnel before him.
  • She started rattling off a stream of units, and the director’s eyes grew wider.
  • You’ve lectured on it yourself, director.
  • Director, science claims the same thing as religion, that the Big Bang created everything in the universe with an opposite.
  • Director, you are looking at the world’s first specimens of antimatter.
  • Langdon watched, bewildered by the director’s sudden panic.
  • Director, we can argue about this later.
  • Director, I’ve been patient.
  • Vittoria felt compunction challenging a man in such frail health, but the director was so far out of line she didn’t even know him anymore.
  • As director of CERN, I have a responsibility to the future of science.
  • The director sounded asthmatic now, as he accelerated after her.
  • And the director had nominated an art teacher to help them find a mythical fraternity of Satanists.
  • She paced outside the director’s empty office.
  • At the moment, however, Sylvie’s concern for the director’s health was taking a back burner . replaced by a much more pressing dilemma.
  • The CERN switchboard had phoned five minutes ago in a frenzy to say they had an urgent call for the director.
  • I’ll locate the director right away.
  • But Sylvie had not been able to find the director.
  • Short of searching CERN’s entire complex herself, Sylvie knew there was only one other way to get the director’s attention.
  • He would not be pleased, but the man on the phone was not someone the director should keep waiting.
  • Nor did it sound like the caller was in any mood to be told the director was unavailable.
  • The director had resurfaced, and he was back in range.
  • "This is . Director Kohler," he said, wheezing.
  • I am the director of CERN.
  • I’m the one who called your director.
  • Excuse me for being rude, but if this is indeed a crisis, why am I dealing with you and not your director?
  • Now he rested in the most sacred of tombs, buried five stories down, directly beneath the central cupola of the basilica.
  • She motioned frantically downward toward St. Peter’s Square directly beneath them.
  • Directly ahead rose the rear of St. Peter’s Basilica, a view, Langdon realized, most people never saw.
  • The Office of the Swiss Guard is housed adjacent to Il Corpo di Vigilanza, directly northeast of St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • I need to speak to him directly.
  • The Secret Vatican Archives are located at the far end of the Borgia Courtyard directly up a hill from the Gate of Santa Ana.
  • The director of your facility refused to share any details about this object with me over the phone except to say that I needed to find it immediately.
  • The director.
  • Director, we need help.
  • Director Kohler.
  • After parking the cart on the wide lawn directly behind St. Peter’s Basilica, the guard escorted Langdon and Vittoria up a stone escarpment to a marble plaza off the back of the basilica.
  • As he directed the light, his eyes traced the outline of the wall downward.
  • I’ll be here, directing my men and waiting for your call.
  • He had no idea how it helped them, but the line was as direct a reference to the Path of Illumination as he could imagine.
  • You want a direct quote from the radio transcript?
  • Then, he unfolded his hands and spoke to them in a tone as direct as anything Mortati had ever heard from the altar of the Sistine.
  • It contained the names of the twenty or so churches that were located on a direct line with West Ponente’s breath.
  • Maybe a remote church on a direct line with West Ponente’s breath?
  • It takes you directly to the Pantheon.
  • The zodiac was also tied directly to Earth, Air, Fire, Water . the quadrants representing power, intellect, ardor, emotion.
  • It was not until he was almost directly in front of it that Langdon recognized the sculpture itself.
  • Olivetti moved past Langdon down the stairs toward his car, parked directly in front of the cathedral.
  • It’s in the center, directly where that line is pointing.
  • Glick gazed out at the familiar dome now looming directly in front of them.
  • She was thirty yards from the BBC van when the two men materialized directly in front of her, arms folded.
  • The central line of West Ponente’s breath points due east, directly away from Vatican City.
  • Do any of the churches fall directly on the line?
  • He looked directly at Olivetti.
  • Captain Rocher, you will complete your search of the white zones and report directly to me when you are finished.
  • A breathing in the dark directly behind her.
  • Striding up the side aisle directly toward him came a dark monster of a man.
  • The Hassassin held the weapon parallel with the floor, pointing directly at Langdon’s midsection.
  • Directly overhead, though, Langdon found himself staring quite literally into the face of death.
  • Now, speaking directly to the camera, the camerlegno stepped forward.
  • At the base of the rear wall, a stone bulwark jutted out concealing a narrow grotto-a kind of compressed passageway cutting directly into the foundation of the church.
  • The director of CERN, Maximilian Kohler, opened his eyes to the cool rush of cromolyn and leukotriene in his body, dilating his bronchial tubes and pulmonary capillaries.
  • He had the feeling the Hassassin was directing him around the wall toward some unseen destination.
  • When the private line on the director’s desk began to ring, Sylvie jumped.
  • And Maximilian Kohler was their director.
  • Slumped in his wheelchair, the dying director was still breathing, albeit barely, sucking in sputtering gasps.
  • The director, with tremulous effort, lifted his arm and pulled a small device off the arm of his wheelchair.
  • Vittoria still could not fathom the director’s involvement.
  • Langdon told them the video was filmed by Maximilian Kohler, the director of CERN.
  • Lifting her head slightly, he placed his palm beneath her neck and found the hollow directly beneath her skull.
  • Let angels guide you on your lofty quest . Directly over the recumbent saint, against a backdrop of gilded flame, hovered Bernini’s angel.
  • Circling the perimeter of the fountain, he positioned himself directly opposite the van.
  • Standing, he ran directly toward the basin.
  • Poking out from under the coins directly beneath his face.
  • At the very peak of the central tower, a hundred feet above, directly beneath the angel’s sword, a single balcony protruded.
  • The bloody prints looked as though they walked directly into the corner of the room and then disappeared.
  • He pictured the mammoth angel atop the castle and suspected it was directly overhead.
  • He snapped it open directly in front of her face.
  • Directly in front of him, framed in the opening of the balcony, stood the Hassassin.
  • Langdon stepped forward, grasping the rusted bar, and aimed the splintered end directly at the Hassassin.
  • The Illuminati leader would get a royal escort directly to the camerlegno’s chambers.
  • All he could make out was the murky outline of the camerlegno, directly ahead of him, running down the stairs.
  • Although Langdon could not see it on account of the lights, he knew their salvation was directly overhead.
  • Directly in front of them, the rolling shadows of the Roman foothills loomed in the night.
  • The chopper was pointing directly toward it!
  • Directly beneath them, thousands of feet straight down, glowed the media lights in St. Peter’s Square.
  • God spoke to the camerlegno directly!
  • He strode directly to her and wrapped her in his arms.
  • The camera angle was a chilling one . looking from behind . down the length of the outstretched gun . directly at the camerlegno.
  • The camerlegno walked up the center aisle directly toward the crowd of standing cardinals.
  • Dr. Vanek looked directly into the camera now.
  • Although he appeared to be talking directly to the camera, it quickly became evident that he was speaking to someone else-whoever was making this video.
  • This is Director Kohler.
  • The Swiss Guard had apparently been able to clear only about a hundred and fifty feet back-the area directly in front of the basilica-less than one-third of the square.
  • Sylvie had decided to ignore the antics as yet another Kohlerian melodrama, but she began to get concerned when Kohler failed to return at the proper time for his daily injections; the director’s physical condition required regular treatment, and when he decided to push his luck, the results were never pretty-respiratory shock, coughing fits, and a mad dash by the infirmary personnel.
  • The towering media screens in the square were now transmitting a live countdown of the antimatter canister-a direct feed from the Swiss Guard security monitor-compliments of the camerlegno.
  • And as if that were not enough, leading solely and directly to the castle’s main entrance stood the famous Bridge of Angels . a dramatic approachway adorned by twelve towering angels carved by none other than Bernini himself.
  • As Peter’s eminence spread, new shrines were built on top of the old, and now, the homage stretched 440 feet overhead to the top of Michelangelo’s dome, the apex positioned directly over the original tomb within a fraction of an inch.
  • Other casualties include Leonardo Vetra, the renowned CERN physicist and pioneer of antimatter technology, as well as Maximilian Kohler, the director of CERN, who apparently came to Vatican City in an effort to help but reportedly passed away in the process.
  • In a final breathtaking revelation, Langdon realized Bernini’s city-wide cross of obelisks marked the fortress in perfect Illuminati fashion; the cross’s central arm passed directly through the center of the castle’s bridge, dividing it into two equal halves.
  • The sky above Rome had been filled with sights tonight . a skyrocketing helicopter, an enormous explosion, and now this strange object that had plummeted into the churning waters of the Tiber River, directly off the shore of the river’s tiny island, Isola Tiberina.
  • Holy visions and divine messages had always seemed like wishful delusions to him-the product of overzealous minds hearing what they wanted to hear-God did not interact directly! A moment later, though, as if the Holy Spirit Himself had descended to persuade Chartrand of His power, Chartrand had a vision.
  • "Director," Vittoria assured, "it’s perfectly safe.
  • "Tell the camerlegno," Rocher said forcefully, "that the director of CERN, Maximilian Kohler, is here to see him.

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as in: walked directly to work Define
proceeding without interruption in the straightest or quickest possible manner
as in: directly above; or buy direct from Define
straight (exactly where stated; or without anything in between)
as in: was direct in my instructions Define
straightforward (clear and explicit -- perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
as in: directed her question to Define
aim or focus
as in: directed the jury to... Define
give instructions or commands (directions that must be followed)
as in: directed the movie Define
supervise or administer (often while giving directions or orders)
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