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Angels & Demons
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unspecified meaning
  • It had no metallic parts to trip metal detectors, no chemical signature for dogs to trace, no fuse to deactivate if the authorities located the canister.
  • Even the smallest trace of nickel-cadmium would register as-

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  • Run the usual trace, and write it up.
  • Not a trace.
  • While we were trying to run a trace, I did some additional research on his claim.
  • The IF signature suggests he’s somewhere in Rome, but there’s really no way to trace him.
  • We’ve been trying to trace him for ten minutes, getting nothing but splayed ferreting.
  • The camerlegno was talking again, a trace of anger in his voice.
  • There’s no way they’ll trace it.
  • Why couldn’t the Swiss Guard trace that damn caller?

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  • Your librarians will find not a trace that I was there.
  • Did you trace the call?
  • The Illuminati’s ellipse was prominent even today in modern Masonic tracing boards and footing inlays.
  • Langdon’s eyes traced the arch of the ceiling sloping outward to the columned walls and finally down to the polished marble floor beneath their feet.
  • We would find traces of Heparin in his body from his daily injections.
  • Accounts tracing the Illuminati back to Galileo, the Guerenets of France, the Alumbrados of Spain.
  • As he directed the light, his eyes traced the outline of the wall downward.
  • Olivetti pointed to Piazza del Popolo and traced a straight line exactly southwest.
  • Olivetti shrugged and traced the straight line again.
  • The guard traced a line with his finger from St. Peter’s Square across the Tiber River and up into the heart of old Rome.
  • He traced his finger across the map.
  • Forcing his eyes to trace the line slowly, he attempted the search again.
  • There was no trace of conceit in the camerlegno’s voice, only gratitude.
  • Langdon felt a trace of self-preservation grip his unconscious mind.
  • Langdon traced a line from his current location west across the map.
  • He knew the piazza contained a major church, but he had already traced his finger through that piazza and considered the church there.
  • Nobody knows we’re here, he thought, feeling a trace of uneasiness.

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To see samples from other sources, click a word sense below:
as in: found a trace of Define
a small quantity or indication (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
as in: trace the origin or development Define
to find, search, research, or keep track of (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
as in: trace a picture or outline Define
copy the lines of an image; or draw an outline; or carefully draw a specific pattern (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
as in: traced a path Define
to follow (see word notes for a more detailed definition based upon context)
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