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Angels & Demons
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  • Kohler was still making assumptions.
  • He assumed somewhere in this colossal facility was a body . a body branded with a symbol he had just flown 3,000 miles to see.

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  • You’re from Interpol, I assume?
  • "Mr. Langdon," Vittoria said, turning, "I assume you are familiar with the Big Bang Theory?"
  • Impossible assumptions.
  • You’re with U.S. Intelligence, I assume.
  • "And I assume," he said, "that you are now looking for this missing camera with all available resources?"
  • Mr. Langdon, it is true that Vatican rule dictates the camerlegno assume chief executive office during conclave, but it is only because his lack of eligibility for the papacy ensures an unbiased election.
  • Mr. Langdon, when you told me you would explain the situation en route, I assumed I would be approaching the Pantheon with a clear idea of why my men are here.
  • Gunther Glick had assumed control of the computer from Chinita Macri, who now stood hunched in the back of the cramped BBC van staring in confusion over Glick’s shoulder.

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  • Langdon hoped the camerlegno had long since assumed the worst and taken action.
  • He assumed it was poetic license intended to retain the meter of the poem.

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as in: I assume it's true Define
to accept something as true without proof
as in: She assumed power Define
beginning to take power or responsibility
as in: She assumed a false identity Define
to take on (adopt, wear, strike a pose or appearance of) -- often while pretending or disguising
as in: assumed into heaven Define
to take up or receive someone into heaven
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