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  • The implications were frightening.
  • So he didn’t want the religious implications of his discovery lost in an onslaught of commercialism?

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  • The implications came too fast for her to fully comprehend.
  • You know antimatter technology has enormous implications for life on this planet.
  • The Bank had been implicated in shady financial deals with the Masonic Lodge . THE NEW YORK TIMES August 24, 1998 Why was the late John Paul I wearing his day shirt in bed?
  • Beyond feeling like a criminal, he was still dazed over the document’s spellbinding implications.
  • The implications came almost too fast for Langdon to process.
  • You clone living creatures, but it is the church reminding us to consider the moral implications of our actions.
  • Maybe Kohler found out about the antimatter project weeks ago and didn’t like the religious implications.
  • You yourself said your father was concerned about the moral implications of creating such a deadly substance.

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  • In a private meeting, he told you and the Pope that he had made a scientific discovery with profound religious implications.
  • The Vatican called CERN from time to time as a "courtesy" before issuing scathing statements condemning CERN’s research-most recently for CERN’s breakthroughs in nanotechnology, a field the church denounced because of its implications for genetic engineering.
  • Your world moves so fast that if you stop even for an instant to consider the implications of your actions, someone more efficient will whip past you in a blur.
  • "The field of particle physics," Kohler said, "has made some shocking discoveries lately-discoveries quite spiritual in implication.
  • "If this claim is true," Rocher repeated, "and our Holy Father was poisoned, then that has profound implications for our antimatter search.

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as in: the implication is that... Define
Something that follows from something else. The thing that follows could be:
  • something suggested indirectly (not said directly)
  • something that can be concluded (often a logical consequence)
  • something that results from something else

as in: Her implication in the crime Define
involvement in or the suggestion that someone was involved in something -- especially a crime
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