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Angels & Demons
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  • He now kept them on his bulletin board as examples of how even respectable news organizations sometimes got carried away with Illuminati paranoia.
  • Well, Churchill was a paranoid.

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  • Suddenly, the media’s suspicions seemed a lot less paranoid.
  • Paranoid.
  • His credentials and publications had been quoted all night by the media, and as ridiculous as it was, the presence of a Harvard professor in Vatican City had somehow raised the whole emergency beyond the scope of paranoid delusion and convinced skeptics around the world that the Illuminati brotherhood was not only a historical fact, but a force to be reckoned with.

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used casually Define
excessively suspicious that others want to harm you; or excessively fearful
used clinically Define
suffering from a psychological disorder characterized by a mistaken belief that others "are out to get me"
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