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Angels & Demons
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  • Langdon was amazed by the building’s striking transparent design.
  • Each supported a thick, transparent canister about the size of a tennis ball can.

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  • The object they were pondering on the monitor was a canister of some sort-a canister with transparent sides.
  • "A transparent bluff," Olivetti snapped.
  • His female colleagues often ribbed him that his collection of museum-quality artifacts was nothing more than a transparent attempt to fill an empty home, a home they insisted would benefit greatly from the presence of a woman.
  • She stood beside him staring mutely at the giant transparent cubes.
  • He read the headings as he moved down the transparent barrier.
  • Despite the transparent outer walls, he felt a familiar anxiety.
  • He watched his spirit gurgle heavenward in a burst of transparent bubbles.
  • The specter seemed transparent, radiating light.

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  • Mortati stared in wonder at the transparent cylinder.
  • Transparent and insidious, but soulless all the same.

  • There are no more uses of "transparent" in the book.

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as in: transparent shower door Define
able to be seen through with clarity
as in: transparent lie Define
obvious despite attempts to hide
as in: transparent decision making Define
easily observable or understood
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