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Angels & Demons
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  • And the second guideline was that the four sculptures had to have very specific themes.
  • Langdon had spent his career studying religious history, and if there was one recurring theme, it was that science and religion had been oil and water since day one . archenemies . unmixable.

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  • But data can relate to multiple themes simultaneously.
  • That’s this vault’s theme.
  • Those indicate secondary documents located elsewhere with their primary themes.
  • I found the right theme, but Galileo’s missing.
  • Maybe obelisks were a theme?
  • Like a recurring theme in some demonic symphony, the suffocating darkness had returned.

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as in: theme of the novel Define
a basic idea that underlies what is being said or done -- especially in a literary or artistic work
as in: musical theme Define
the initial or primary melody of a musical composition or (as in "theme song") music that is most repeated in a film, television series, or other theatrical production
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