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Angels & Demons
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  • His years of high-diving experience had given him a profound respect for the awesome power of gravitational acceleration.
  • His death is a profound loss for science.

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  • As the man drew nearer, though, Langdon saw in his eyes a profound exhaustion-like a soul who had been through the toughest fifteen days of his life.
  • The result was a profound darkness lit only by candles . a shimmering radiance that seemed to purify everyone it touched, making them all ghostly . like saints.
  • Was Kohler’s loathing really this profound?
  • In a private meeting, he told you and the Pope that he had made a scientific discovery with profound religious implications.
  • His shouts echoed off the back wall of the Sistine Chapel and then a profound silence fell.
  • Mr. Langdon and Ms. Vetra, Although it is my profound desire to request your discretion in the matters of the past 24 hours, I cannot possibly presume to ask more of you than you have already given.
  • "If this claim is true," Rocher repeated, "and our Holy Father was poisoned, then that has profound implications for our antimatter search.

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as in: profound idea Define
deep or far-reaching in intellect or consequence
as in: profound sadness Define
of greatest intensity or emotional depth
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