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Angels & Demons
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unspecified meaning
  • Any minute now I’ll be waking up.
  • It will be in Boston in twenty minutes.

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  • Minutes later, Langdon was seated inside the empty cabin.
  • Give her a minute, Langdon thought.
  • Sixty-four minutes had passed when an incredulous and slightly air-sick Robert Langdon stepped down the gangplank onto the sun-drenched runway.
  • I’ll have you there in two minutes.
  • Following tradition, the cardinals gathered here two hours before conclave to catch up with friends and engage in last-minute discussion.
  • Of course, last-minute dissension in the ranks could prolong the ceremony through dawn . or beyond.
  • "Wait a minute," the camerlegno said.
  • It took Langdon and Kohler three more minutes to reach their destination-a large, well-kept dormitory sitting in a grove of aspens.

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  • She waited a few minutes and then led him up a winding marble staircase to a luxurious hallway.
  • Vittoria hugged him for five minutes, crying tears of joy.
  • Minutes later, exactly at the appointed hour, there was a loud clank of heavy keys on the other side of the door.
  • The Hassassin waited patiently, five minutes, exactly as he had been told.
  • The CERN switchboard had phoned five minutes ago in a frenzy to say they had an urgent call for the director.
  • The last fifteen minutes had been a blur.
  • They had been airborne thirty-seven minutes.
  • Conclave begins in forty minutes.
  • I will be back in ten minutes.
  • We’ve been trying to trace him for ten minutes, getting nothing but splayed ferreting.
  • "In ninety minutes it begins," the caller said with a note of finality.
  • Signore, you have ten minutes.
  • Wasting five minutes of a reporter’s time was forgivable.
  • But Vittoria knew if news of the Vatican predicament leaked out, the entire area could fill with onlookers in a matter of minutes.
  • Mr. Langdon, I am due in the Sistine Chapel in four minutes.
  • A minute passed.
  • Not only was the Sistine Chapel starting to feel like a sauna, but conclave was scheduled to begin in twenty minutes, and there was still no word on the four missing cardinals.
  • Forty minutes.
  • Glick gazed out through the windshield and felt more and more depressed by the minute.
  • "Give it a minute," Langdon said.
  • He lay there a long minute listening.
  • "Wait a minute," he said to Olivetti.
  • Langdon and Vittoria’s taxi completed the one-mile sprint up the wide Via della Scrofa in just over a minute.
  • He spent a minute or two flipping randomly through the ledger in hopes that an illustration might jump out at him.
  • Twenty minutes, we’ll both be sucking wind.
  • Archival conundrums were nothing new for him, but usually he had more than a few minutes to work them out.
  • Minutes later, he looked down and realized he had abandoned his spatula and was turning pages by hand.
  • Captain Rocher will be briefing the corps in two minutes.
  • Ten minutes till show time.
  • It had taken thirty minutes to complete the preparatory rituals leading up to this first vote.
  • Mickey says we’ve got forty minutes.
  • It was 8:54 P.M. Six minutes.
  • Give them five minutes to piggyback before BBC runs it.
  • Cardinal Lamasse was murdered in St. Peter’s Square ten minutes ago.
  • Today, however, he had about twenty minutes to find what he was looking for-the one church containing a Bernini tribute to fire.
  • In twenty minutes I will be making a decision whether or not to cancel conclave and evacuate Vatican City.
  • After a few minutes, he replaced Vetra’s journal, turned off the television, and left the apartment.
  • We still have two hours and twenty minutes.
  • Wait twenty minutes . until after ten o’clock.
  • Twenty minutes, commander.
  • We have fifteen minutes.
  • The couple was moving slowly, and it was only a matter of half a minute before Langdon and Vittoria were positioned behind them, closing in from the rear.
  • We’ve got four minutes!
  • Invariably, within minutes after a Vatican salvo, Kohler’s phone would ring off the hook with tech-investment companies wanting to license the new discovery.
  • This’ll take a minute.
  • Two-minute walk, tops.
  • Give us a damn minute!
  • We have nine minutes.
  • Wait a minute!
  • Three minutes.
  • Eight minutes.
  • Apparently, the women had been inside the church fifteen minutes ago praying for the Vatican in its time of need, when some man had appeared and told them the church was closing early.
  • Nearby, a tourist explained that only minutes ago, a dark-skinned man had been kind enough to help this poor, wheezing, homeless man across the square . even sitting a moment on the stairs with the invalid before disappearing back into the crowd.
  • Twenty minutes, he thought.
  • The Swiss Guard would hear about this on television in a matter of minutes.
  • My jet is to be ready in five minutes.
  • Sensing options and minutes slipping away, Langdon made his decision.
  • For three minutes Langdon tried to revive the old man.
  • After five minutes, Langdon knew it was over.
  • It took him two minutes, and when he reached the end of the final face, his hopes sank.
  • They could also see the countdown clock now-a little under forty-five minutes until detonation.
  • Within minutes, Max felt as if some sort of magic spirit were flowing through his veins.
  • The camerlegno had wanted them evacuated fifteen minutes ago!
  • The grotto around the canister blinked red as the LED counted down into its final five minutes of life.
  • Four minutes . Langdon could barely see as he burst out of the basilica.
  • He knew the beach at Fiumocino was only about seven minutes by train.
  • We’ve got less than two minutes!
  • Minutes later, when the man began coughing and slowly regained consciousness, the group decided the island must indeed be magical.
  • Jacobus had seen Mr. Langdon, only minutes ago, getting into a helicopter in St. Peter’s Square and flying miles up into the air.
  • Three minutes had passed in the chaotic hallways outside the Sistine Chapel, and still nobody could locate the camerlegno.
  • He reigned for just under seventeen minutes.
  • Those last few minutes . what happened up there in the helicopter?
  • Three minutes, Father!
  • He half considered grabbing the windshield’s vinyl covering and putting it up so he wouldn’t have to watch, but he knew he would be airborne in a matter of minutes.
  • Fifteen minutes.
  • Thirty minutes.
  • Eight minutes.
  • Two minutes!
  • Minutes.
  • With less than twenty-five minutes left until midnight, the people were still packed together, some praying, some weeping for the church, others screaming obscenities and proclaiming that this was what the church deserved, still others chanting apocalyptic Bible verses.
  • The action seemed to distend, as if in a time warp, all the insanity slowing to a crawl . The branded camerlegno . raving for the world to see . The Illuminati Diamond . unveiled in its diabolical genius . The countdown clock registering the final twenty minutes of Vatican history . The drama, however, had only just begun.
  • "Either that," Vittoria said, "or we can spend the next five hours and forty-eight minutes in Vatican Prison.
  • "This astonishing footage," the reporter was saying, "was shot only minutes ago outside the Vatican.
  • Nine minutes is not enough time to get the hell out of Vatican City if the camerlegno is wrong.

  • There are no more uses of "minuteness" in the book.

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